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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NIF paper

I hear someone at NIF wrote a long paper on the state of ICF that included bogus information, and it sparked a firestorm of criticism, internal investigations, etc. Anyone know the story?


Anonymous said...

I think this is the paper:

Anonymous said...

Who could get through such a long paper? I just read the end about the high foot stuff. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary to me. Lindl is a pretty smart guy.

Anonymous said...

This thread started with "I hear..." and asked for details. Here they are:

you heard wrong

Anonymous said...

"Papergate", it's all over NIF.

Anonymous said...

That paper follows in the glorious tradition of LLNL and the deuterium EoS scandal.

Anonymous said...

So the paper does exist. I would like to hear more on the reaction to the paper; who reacted, how they reacted, what level were they in the power structure.

Anonymous said...

It is loaded with confirmation bias.

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