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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lab safety record

The best way to improve the safety record at the labs:


Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make of the proposal and I have to go with Melo on this. Man the comments sure are funny. I have to give it Mechels he is consistent. I am not sure and it is just a wild guess but do you think think he might just has some kind of personal issue with LANL? Just saying ;)

Michael Grimler · National Security stuff at A Government Agency
Dear Readers,

Pay no attention to the irrational rantings of some posters.

Thank you.
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Chris Mechels · De Soto High School
Lest we forget; our own Senator Domenici was key to creating the NNSA, which "walled off" the DOE for oversight of the nuclear complex. Put forward as a "reform" is actually was to avoid oversight, which kept, inconveniently, pointing out problems at LANL.... Thanks Pete....

We are left with only the DNFSB, which the corrupt NNSA now wishes to silence.

And we call this "government".

Driving all this is the continued corruption and incompetence of LANL, whose failures must be hidden. so the billions will keep coming.

Unable to reform LANL, which since the Zinner Report of 1970 has been known to be ungovernable, we are left with only one option; CLOSE LANL. As they have chosen to block all reforms, this is the only option left, for the good of our nation.

Anonymous said...

The above is just another feckless attempt at perpetuating falsehoods.

The NNSA was created to PROVIDE effective oversight as DOE was (and is) far, far too diluted to appropriately focus on the nuclear weapons complex. The NNSA most certainly was NOT intended to avoid oversight. Heavens, we all know that NNSA oversees every little insignificant detail, unfortunately while missing all the important stuff. The problem was (and is) that NNSA could not attract qualified managers as almost all NNSA staff have been recycled DOE bureaucrats without the appropriate experience and background.

The Zinner report criticized UC for being an absentee landlord and recommended closer cooperation and more intensive oversight between UC and ALL THREE UC Laboratories, not just LANL. The Zinner report DID NOT conclude that LANL was ungovernable. That didn't happen, you just made that up.

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