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Thursday, October 10, 2013

DOE furlough song


Anonymous said...

Who's the Jew in the song ? Obama ?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. What do people expect. $17T in debt and $126T unfunded liabilities as of today 10-14-2013. I'm surprised the train ride has been allowed to go on for this long. We're out of track but the socialist of this nation want for it to be full steam ahead. Sorry, there's no place to go except on the black hole if spending continues and we'll all go down for the few.

Anonymous said...

Only three things need to stay fully funded regardless of any other failures. Social Security, Medicare and everyone's pension programs. The rest can be put out to pasture once an forever and the world will go on without a glitch.

Anonymous said...

Of all the post on this blog since 2006 this is one of the best I have seen. I just posted the song on Facebook and passed it along to all I know. Thank you Scooby

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