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Sunday, December 31, 2017


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time to get serious

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's time to get serious about modernizing US nuclear weapons, from the laboratories and explosive packages to the delivery systems and the command and control systems

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

LANL employees worried

LANL employees worried that next contractor will be forced to restrict retirement and benefits to 105% of industry standard

“That is the concern of folks that have invested a lot of time in the laboratory, what’s going to happen to my retirement, what’s going to happen to my benefits.” Jekowski said. “The way I read the draft RFP, they’re marching more toward industry standards for benefits packages. “There’s a rule of thumb that’s used now that bidders can’t offer more than a 105 percent of the benefits that would be identified by a statistical analysis by credentialed benefits providers.”

Another Near Miss at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Another Near Miss at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lab Accident Sends One Person to Hospital

By Rebecca Moss | The New Mexican Aug 14, 2017 Updated 5 hrs ago 

A main electrical line was accidentally cut in a building at Los Alamos National Laboratory, sending one person to the hospital for examination, shutting down power for several hours and pausing work for some electrical employees from Friday through Monday, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pu contamination at UNM covered up by LANL

More on the story uncovered by the investigative reporter.

UC System President to address LANL staff

McMillan must be in real trouble, seeing that Napolitano is coming to pay a visit.

In the early days, UC had leaders that understood why it was important to the country that the strategic deterrent be guided by great scientists. There have not been any UC faculty comparable to Lawrence or Seaborg for decades at this point, and may never be again. The Saxon and Gardner eras of UCOP marked the beginning of the end of knowledge about and interest in nuclear weapons for the top leadership. The last serious intellect on the subject in UCOP was Jud King, and he has been retired for years. The great science leaders of decades past would be horrified to discover that someone such as Kim Budil was now in charge of UC stewardship for LLNL and LANL.

Opinion about commentors' anonymity.

The question has been raised regarding allowing or disallowing anonymous posts. I think a vehicle such as this blog provides an interesting and sometimes provocative channel for questioning the orthodoxy and culture at the labs. I suspect losing anonymity will damage that, and ultimately the blog will collapse as a result.

Certainly, there is the constant static of "I hate Bechtel," "things were so much better under UC when we were unaccountable," and "things would be better if NNSA and or Congress would only realize just how great albeit unproductive we are." Oh, and the ever present "why is LANL dominating an LLNL blog" -- which goes back to the death of the original LANL blog. I think that static is worth the openness the blog presents, and it can be easily ignored.

I am also a little surprised that the blog owner, who chose to operate in anonymity himself until he was safely retired and outside the reach of employment retaliation, would even ask the question. If anonymous posting is stopped, will Evil Echo then also be unmasked?

I would also bet you will get a quiet campaign of managers at LANL and LLNL to vote against anonymity.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Anonymous comments and posts: has the time come?


The Blog moderation team want to get your opinion on discontinuing anonymous posting. See upcoming poll.
Such type of posting encourages meaningless and inflammatory remarks and bravery. In addition, the team wants to be able to track and block any posters who violate blog rules. It is the team's intention to improve the contents of this BLOG and make it a platform for intelligent debate.
For those of you fearing "retaliation" for expressing your opinion, don't worry. You can create a gmail id  which does not reveal your identity.


Scooby and Evil Echo.

Bechtel was never worth a damn

UC is a far cry from it's former glory. Bechtel was never worth a damn. Given that, I'm sure the NNSA will find new and creative ways to encumber scientists with additional Government bureaucracy while putting inept Beltway bandits in charge of the US nuclear weapons enterprise.

Who runs Los Alamos?

Real Statistics, Who runs Los Alamos?

Board:3 UC, 2 Bechtel, 1 BWXT

Directors: 2 UC (Charlie and Dave), 1 Bechtel

PADs: 4 UC, 1 Bechtel

ADs: 11 UC, 1 Bechtel, 1 AECOM, 1 other

Question for Goldstein.

While gone a week on vacation, the blog has erupted with comments that split equal parts pro-UC/anti-Bechtel and anti-UC/pro-Bechtel. Sure this is all driven by the LANL contract, but those of us here at LLNL still work under the exact same partnership, with the exact same Board of Governors. 

Will the impending family divorce of the partners at LANL have a cascading impact on LLNL operations, employees and retirees?

It would be good if Bill put out a statement that clarified this situation for all.

Soon. a very very beautiful golf course in Los Alamos. In fact, the most beautiful!

LA County considers leverage of LANL GRT to build "one of the top 50 golf courses in the US"

Before going all out against this notion, it just may not be as crackpot as it seems. Perhaps the county is in cahoots with Donnie to build one of the greatest golf courses of all time, and put the presidents name in large gold letters on top of the clubhouse.

They do this every place they go.

Ok UC lead the labs for 60 year and things worked very well. LLNS and LANS lead the labs for 10 years and total and complete disaster. What is the new ingredient...Bechtel. The cultural change of turning the labs into money making scams is the Bechtel MO. There is plenty of books on this
and they have this down to an art form. They take over and leverage every possible profit they can out of a place and yes they pay off the upper managers. They do this every place they go.

Why blame Bechtel?

Following from the stacks and stacks of studies in the recent years, the quality of science has declined at LANL. Since LANL science is 100% led by UC, how is it that Bechtel keeps on getting blamed for this decline?

Oakridge official convicted of murder.

Oak Ridge counterintelligence official convicted of murder.

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