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Tuesday, January 1, 2019


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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The story of Randy and Anthony

Did Division Superintendent Randy Pico and Technical Associate Anthony 
Rivera bump heads over HEAF employee high voltage/high energy SKA

Division Superintendents have a significant role and responsibility in the construction of job postings within their respective Divisions and in candidate selection. It looks like there were strong differences in high voltage/high energy SKA requirements for a HEAF assignment between Anthony Rivera and then Division Superintendent Randy Pico (“LLNS Manager A”?) as early as 2007.

From a 2015 “La Jicarita On-Line Magazine” story:

“In the early 2000s Rivera was responsible for correctly identifying a dangerous, unintentional high power laser initiated, High Explosive detonation scenario not addressed in the High Explosive Applications Facility (HEAF) Safety Procedures documentation. This safety concern was reviewed and subsequently included in the HEAF Safety Procedures. Prior to Rivera’s operational procedure correction, HEAF experimenters and technicians could have been exposed to High Explosive material subject to a time delayed explosive detonation causing injuries or fatalities.

In 2007 Rivera initiated a LLNL “Work Stop” for what he believed to be another imminent and potentially lethal threat to employees in HEAF. At the time Rivera had voluntarily moved from HEAF to another division at LLNL and became concerned about the qualifications of the employee who was hired to replace him in HEAF.

Before leaving his HEAF assignment in 2006 and accepting a lateral position at the National Ignition Facility, Rivera offered to review his LLNS B-Division funded assignment in HEAF with the employee who was hired to replace him. In 2007, as promised, Rivera had a meeting with this new HEAF employee.

According to Rivera, the employee was unqualified to work on potentially lethal high voltage, high energy Flash-Lamp Bank hardware that might place multiple employees in direct harm to electrocution. After numerous attempts by Rivera to have this safety concern addressed at a lower level with LLNS Manager “A”, this manager forced a subordinate employee, the Responsible Individual for this set of High Voltage, High Energy diagnostics, to accept and “add” the unqualified employee to the Integrated Work Sheet (IWS) paperwork without delay. The IWS is a project specific document that identifies a project’s purpose, procedures, hazards, and qualified employees approved by the IWS author and Responsible Individual.

Rivera then provided the 2007 “Work Stop” documentation to the NNSA Livermore Field office Employee Concerns Program Manager that detailed LLNL employment job posting fraud and the negligent assignment of an employee without the “Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities” to perform the job safely or effectively. LLNS Manager “A”, author of the job posting and responsible for creating that dangerous 2007 scenario, was subsequently promoted to a position of greater authority within Engineering.”

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A&M in charge of changing culture

Triad partner A&M is in charge of changing the LANL culture

Same story reconfirms that UT will not protest the loss and did not really want to win anyway.

Losers debrief

Losers get debriefed this coming week in LANL contract competition

Worker radiation contamination

Worker radiation contamination averages one event per month this year at Los Alamos

It is at least the sixth time since January that the safety board has reported a contamination event at Los Alamos.

Some information out of Purdue

They will wait on debriefing, but look to be preparing a protest.

“There will be a full debriefing,” Daniels said. “What I am told, each time the information has been slightly different, but it looks like from a scoring basis, it might have been a dead heat. We’ll have to see.”

Tomas, once again!

Daniels said he was anxious to talk in more depth about the bid with trustees. But he said Tomas Diaz de la Rubia – Purdue’s chief scientist and executive director of Discovery Park, who was in the thick of the details, according to Daniels – talked him down, reluctant to say much more until Purdue can get a better rationale and more specifics from federal officials for why Purdue lost.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Statement from Purdue President

In response to the news on Friday (June 8) that the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration awarded the contract to run the Los Alamos National Laboratory to Triad National Security, a team composed of the University of California, Texas A&M and Battelle, Purdue President Mitch Daniels issued the following statement:

“While we are disappointed to have not been selected, it was a tremendous privilege to be among the strong group of finalists competing to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory. The management of Los Alamos is a solemn responsibility for U.S. national security and the protection of our citizens, and we wish the very best to those involved in that essential mission.”


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