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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hanford news

Hanford contractors to pay $125 million settlement"

"Bechtel National and AECOM have agreed to pay $125 million to resolve allegations that the companies falsely represented and charged the Department of Energy for goods and services that may not have met high standards for nuclear facilities. Bechtel and subcontractor AECOM are building the Hanford nuclear reservation Waste Treatment Plant, or vit plant."

Trump adviser called for killing White House science office

Dark days ahead... the Flat Earth Society is taking over the WH as we return to a time reminiscent of the Roman Inquisition...


Trump adviser called for killing White House science office 
- Christa Marshall, E&E News reporter. November 29, 2016

A transition aide to President-elect Donald Trump called this year for eliminating the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy [OSTP], consolidating the national labs and limiting research for "specific constitutional responsibilities."

Trump named James Carafano, a vice president at the Heritage Foundation, last week as a member of the transition landing team for the Department of Homeland Security.

Carafano specialized in national security and foreign policy at Heritage, but he also was the lead author on a Heritage paper this summer outlining science priorities and reforms for the 45th president. Last year, Carafano wrote an opinion piece for Forbes that stated, "Washington is already far prone to claim everything — from climate change, to the national debt, to obesity — as a national security problem."

The Heritage paper, first noted by the American Institute of Physics, urged "rationalizing" billions of dollars spent on federal research and moving jurisdiction over some of the national labs to non-federal entities like states or universities. It also pressed for limiting federal R&D to support only basic science and "clear national objectives."

The Department of Energy also should not support research and development on things like electric vehicles and renewable power that go beyond the constitutional role of the federal government, he said.

"In recent years, DOE has offered grants, loans, and loan-guarantee programs to a wide array of energy technologies — from solar panels to advanced nuclear and electric vehicles — that already have interest and investment from the private sector," the paper said.

The Department of Homeland Security is involved in energy policy in several ways, including via programs on developing resilience to natural disasters. Last year, the department released a plan with the Department of Energy to protect energy infrastructure ranging from bridges to the grid.

...Many scientists are urging the president-elect to maintain funding for science programs and appoint a science adviser who is a well-respected scientist or engineer.

Yesterday, the leaders of 29 science organizations sent a letter to Trump urging the rapid appointment of a science adviser to address "national challenges"

...OSTP — created in 1976 — is critical because it's the one place in the White House the president can go to for information and advice on science and technology matters that affect everything the government does, including climate change, human health, natural disasters, clean air and water, agriculture, and safe food, said Neal Lane, former National Science Foundation director and now a senior fellow in science and technology policy at Rice University.

... Lane said the scientific community should be concerned about the future of OSTP, even though it is a statutory agency that the next president can't shut down easily.

"But the president would not have to appoint a science adviser or pay any attention to OSTP," said Lane. "That would be a serious mistake. The U.S. government is large and complicated. Most executive departments and agencies rely on scientific information and the latest technologies to carry out their missions and many provide funding for research and development activities."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Lab needs to be purged of racists

  1. The Lab needs to be purged of racists

    E-LINE: Diversity, respect essential to Lab’s success

    The recent presidential campaign was unusually contentious, at least in my experience. In its aftermath, fears have been raised that intolerance and prejudice – always lurking – will become more overt and acceptable.

    People I know have even expressed concern for the safety and security of themselves or their families. While revanchist sentiments exist to roll back progress in recognizing and valuing human differences, I don’t believe they represent a credible force today.

    In any case, prejudice, bigotry and exclusion based on race, gender, ethnicity or religious or sexual preference are never acceptable at the Lab. We will continue to strive for a diverse and inclusive community as an essential element of mission success.

    As we all return from the Thanksgiving holiday, that echoes with the values of grace, good will and community, please remember to treat one another with respect and consideration.

    Bill Goldstein

    Employees, when racist is found call the racist hotline 1-800-Trump-won
  2. The lab needs to have both drug and racist tests.

    I like the work "lurking".... oh my, around every corner, in every crack is potential RACISM!
    Tell on you family, tell on your neighbors, report co-workes to HR, take no prisoners.
    If they didn't vote for Clinton.... RACIST!

At a minimum, it's UNETHICAL

At a  minimum, it's UNETHICAL

So, LLNS has announced it will not be contributing to TCP-1 this year - that money will be used for infrastructure . . . REALLY?

Here is some information from previously published documents from LLNS

From the LLNS "Annual Funding Notice" - Dated April 2016

How the Pension Plan is Funded: LLNS and active plan participants contribute to the pension trust.. . . In general, contributions from LLNS are required if the assets in the trust are less than the current value of pension benefits.

From "FAQa for Contributions to LLNS Defined Benefit Plan - April 12, 2012

What happens when interest rates increase and the Defined Benefit Plan becomes well over funded?

A. The amount of future contributions will depend on many factors including future asset performance. As interest rates increase and assets grow through earnings and contributions, the plan will become better funded. Once the plan has enough assets to pay all future pension obligations, both employee and LLNS contributions will cease.

From the "LLNS Defined Benefit Plan Contribution Briefing" - Dated May 2 & 3, 2012

When will employee contributions end?

Contributions must continue until the plan has sufficient assets to pay all future pension obligations. We expect contributions to continue for the foreseeable future.

There is no statutory requirement to determine employee contributions. LLNS is implementing an employee contribution level of 5 percent, which is the amount active UC employees will be contributing to the UCRP effective July 1, 2012.

All this being said, why are employees still contributing 7% (AFTER TAXES) and the employer contributing ZERO?
November 28, 2016 at 1:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this being said, why are employees still contributing 7% (AFTER TAXES) and the employer contributing ZERO?

November 28, 2016 at 1:56 PM

It may be unethical but it is legal and as you know LLNL is now a "for profit" entity. You know live in the real world and will be treated by real world standards just like everyone else. The days of being special are long over, get used to it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sandia and Nevada test site

What is going on with the Sandia and Nevada Test Site contract bids?

I have heard that Sandia will be announced very soon and that the Test Site do-over announcement is delayed until August? Anybody actually know?s

Nuclear future?

I'm curious what LLNL/LANL employees think about these two questions:

Under Trump what is the probability of full underground nuclear testing resuming in Nevada? 

Also what's the potential of the Trump administration and republican controlled Congress authorizing work on new warhead designs?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rick Perry for DOE secretary?

  1. Trump Considering Gov. Rick Perry As Energy Secretary
    -Had pledged to eliminate DOE during 2011 debate.

    President-elect Donald Trump’s transition efforts are in full swing, and with them an ironic twist in regard to former Gov. Rick Perry.

    There’s discussion of Perry as a potential Energy Secretary, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    If that happens, it means Perry would head up the very department whose name he forgot — the Department of Energy — during a GOP debate in 2011. He had also pledged to eliminate the federal agency during that campaign.
  2. comment:

    I think they asked what three agencies he would eliminate and could not remember the second one, Ron Paul was giving him some hints saying Of course Ron Paul also had no idea that NNSA was part of the DOE.

Shabby blog

This blog is looking pretty shabby. The current moderator apparently has no idea how to control the font size of what he posts. Makes for an embarrassingly amateur look. Pretty sad for a blog associated with a premier scientific institution

Friday, November 11, 2016

What happened to the promised Obama dedication?

What happened to the NIF building/display dedicated to President Obama that Ed Moses promised?

Solar opinion

All the research in the world isn't going to make the sun shine at night. The main problem with solar isn't solar cell efficiency, it's the expense of energy storage to get through periods when solar insolation is low. Same with wind, the problem is storage to get through calm periods. Plus windmills installed in the wrong place kills endangered birds. 

Efficiency research? Private industry already has the motivation to increase efficiency and has made far more progress than the Federal Government.

Clean cars? We already have them. 

Climate "Science"? Hasn't that resulted in very few successful predictions so far?

Batteries? Yeah, ok. We need better batteries and other forms of energy storage.

End of clean energy?

Trump just proposed ending all federal clean energy development

He’d end all research on solar, wind, efficiency, batteries, clean cars, and climate science, too.

Friday, November 4, 2016

TCP1 future

Yesterday, LLNL Director Bill Goldstein presented an update to the general lab. At the end of the talk, Goldstein answered the rumors about TCP1. LLNS was not going to contribute to the fund this year. The most common phrase up and down the halls was "Bullshit!" Employees are required to put 7% toward the fund. A few years ago, LLNS was to contribute $40M, but reneged yet still requiring the employees to contribute. It's unknown why LLNS doesn't share the contribution to the fund, perhaps at the same rate as the TCP2 option.

The other item of interest was the claim of improvements to the infrastructure. There have been no difference in roof leaks, broken bathrooms, etc. The Union, SPSE, has been raising awareness of the "Run until Failure" model for some time. 

It appears to be more empty promises and continued erosion in employee benefits by LLNS. Those who chose TCP1 should have concern. 
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