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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bechtel Faces Two Lawsuits

Bechtel Faces Two Lawsuits from Former Employees at Hanford

"Two former workers at the Hanford Site Waste Treatment Plant are accusing contractor Bechtel National in separate lawsuits of laying them off after they raised safety concerns...In millwright Ford’s case, the Department of Labor ruled in 2015 that his role as a whistleblower during his 35-year career at Hanford contributed to Bechtel’s decision to lay him off in November 2011. He was scrutinized and treated more harshly than other employees, the agency found."

DOE R&D 100 winners

Below is the link to the DOE R&D 100 winners. Thoughts? What labs were winners and what labs failed to show up?

Monday, November 19, 2018

Salary information at TRIAD

As a non-profit "public service organization", will Triad employees at LANL 
request an annual release of all Triad employee salaries and raises?

"Stopgap LANL Director Wallace Remains at Lab in Emeritus Role"

"Terry Wallace, who was briefly director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the waning days of Los Alamos National Security’s management contract, is still with the lab in an emeritus role, a Los Alamos spokesperson told Weapons Complex Morning Briefing"

New use of nuclear weapons

Well I guess this related to the labs, at least will give a new use for a NWs 

"Social media erupted after California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested that the government could use the threat of nuclear weapons to force gun confiscation upon Americans."

Democrat Calls For Gun Confiscation, Suggests Nuking Americans Who Fight Back
Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) caused a firestorm on Friday when he suggested using nuclear weapons against American citizens who oppose his far-left gun control agenda, which includes forcing Americans to give up their semi-automatic weapons.

Swalwell made the comment in response to a May news article on his radical plan that was widely recirculated on Twitter on Friday in which he called for a $15 billion government program to confiscate millions of guns from Americans.

Now, now I know what you all thinking, which labs nukes would be better for for gun confiscation LANL or LLNL? This could also be the key to decide which lab to keep and which one is redundant. Well I am glad to know that we are more than just a deterrent. 

Maybe the next call for RRW should have a provision that needs to be effective at being able to deliver gun confiscation.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nuclear fallout

'Nuclear fallout: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting
They built our atomic bombs; now they’re dying of cancer"

"...InvestigateTV found workers with medical issues struggling to get compensated from a program that has ballooned ten times original cost estimates. More than 6,000 workers from Los Alamos alone have filed to get money for their medical problems, with around 53 percent of claims approved."

Compensation stagnation

At LLNL, I am curious who to speak to when dealing with staffing & payroll inadequacy issues. I've had a good performance track record, my 30 years, but have been stagnant in pay structure the past 20. There has to be some recourse, as I watch others float on by.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

PC talk

Blatantly PC talk at the start of a contract with so many questions and concerns among the workforce is a cop-out and a slap in the face of the employees who want real leadership and real answers, not PC garbage. This guy is not a serious professional manager of a premier US nuclear weapons laboratory. Very sad beginning.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


So Mason gave a introduction talk today. Basically changing the culture means changing the operations side of the lab. The question focused a lot on increasing diversity. (Why do we need to increase diversity? We should maximize equality of opportunity for everyone but not equality in outcome). Mason said sure diversity is ra ra we need it whatever but we cannot sacrifice quality just for the sake of diversity. I think some people did not like that response. Of course we can alway redefine what quality is and make it social construct or something. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Native American status

Relating to the recent Elizabeth Warren DNA story, are employees hired and promoted at LANL and LLNL that state they are Native American, actually have their Native American status verified by the Labs? If not, how do the Labs prevent opportunistic fraud during the application and hiring process? Typically, there are minimum % DNA requirements, and tribal affiliation requirements, to officially claim Native American status. 

"Liz Warren a minority hire, really? University should have verified"

Friday, November 2, 2018

BLOG attendance

How long has it been since a post drew more than 100 comments? That used to be the standard for a "hot topic." Apparently not anymore ! What has happened? Has a fairy swooped over sprinkling the labs with wuss-dust? Has everyone at the labs signed a "no comment" agreement applying to every outrageous news release? 

I don't think it's the fault of the moderators. The blog denizens need to grow a pair and speak up.

Impression of LANL

I have always been amazed reading this blog. I have one question, how is LANL this arrogant? I don't get that impression from LLNL. Why are they so impressed with themselves when the dialog points to one messed up place.

How long before...

How long before the LANL labbies try to tear down this new management team from Oak Ridge.. I give it two months.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fired Los Alamos lab worker suing after plutonium incident

A former Los Alamos National Laboratory worker is suing the lab, saying he was used as a scapegoat after an accident with plutonium."

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