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Sunday, November 11, 2018

PC talk

Blatantly PC talk at the start of a contract with so many questions and concerns among the workforce is a cop-out and a slap in the face of the employees who want real leadership and real answers, not PC garbage. This guy is not a serious professional manager of a premier US nuclear weapons laboratory. Very sad beginning.


Anonymous said...

"This guy is not a serious professional manager of a premier US nuclear weapons laboratory. "

PC is the future the fact that your even questioning is problematic. Perhaps we should start monitoring the internet to find out exactly who is making comments against political correctness.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points. Mason did not bring up the PC talk, he was responding to some questions. I think he gave the best answer which was that diversity is good when it increases the talent pool but diversity just for the sake of diversity is not the point. On this I think you have it wrong with Mason. Personally I thought he was much more impressive than Charlie McMillan in terms of speaking and substance but that is just my view.

To be honest he did not say too much but if you listened carefully he said a few things I have not heard any Director much less any manager say in the last 15 years at LANL. (1) He used the word excellence, correct me if I am wrong but have you ever heard someone say this at LANL in recent times? (2) He actually defined what culture means, specially it refers to operations, previously culture was a word used to get everyone off the hook since it implied "scientists". All one had to do was blame arrogant scientists as the sole problem of the lab and everyone else is blameless. I know some people who happen to sit next to a Bechtel bigwig on a flight. The Bechtel person was nice enough but was not a LANL person, when asked about Bechtel and LANL the guy said the contract was lost because of the scientists. Hopefully from what Mason said he this whole blame the scientist nonsense will stop.

Mason also has something that all the Directors since Agnew lacked which is an outside reputation and presence. In other words he does not need to take crap from NNSA and and tell them where to stick since he can always get a job as good or even better than that what he has at LANL. McMIllian, Anistasio, ect only exist within the NNSA, no other DOE lab would ever take them in, no large company would get near them and certainly no university would touch them. Mason on the other hand can have any of these and in fact already has had all three such positions. Heck even being director of ORNL may actually be more prestiges than a LANL director when you consider that ORNL now out publishes LANL by a fair margin. Before LANS LANL was the most scientifically distinguished lab in the DOE system as measured standard scientific metrics, now LBL, ORNL, ANL have have all passed LANL by.

Anonymous said...

Prejudge much? Maybe he is setting the table to make changes at the mid level managers level... The claims of racism are coming.

Anonymous said...

"An outside reputation and presence?"

You mean diverting billions in overhead with the support of Battelle senior leadership to support a grossly underestimated capital project like the SNS?

Sounds like a great fit for LANL and CMRR et al...

Anonymous said...

"The claims of racism are coming.

November 12, 2018 at 5:13 PM"

Is this going to be based on salaries, number of managers in different groups etc?

Anonymous said...

"You mean diverting billions in overhead with the support of Battelle senior leadership to support a grossly underestimated capital project like the SNS?"

Well yes actually since SNS is considered a great success. I am not sure what your deal is but
there is a reason ORNL is now the top DOE lab in the system and why the SNS is considered a great success and DOE and the scientific community is very happy with results.

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