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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Top machine

By Ron Minnich

The top machine on is now Chinese, 5 times faster than the nearest DOE machine. That's not set to change for at least two years:, by which time 200 PF will probably be another also-ran.

The Chinese system is also all non-US hardware. Somebody in the US Gov't thought an embargo might slow things down:, but it had no effect; China built their own. The author of the article pointed out: "If the ERC honestly thinks that the ban will put a significant dent in China's supercomputing plans, it is either very foolish or dangerously misinformed." Oops, that only took a year. I guess they were both foolish AND misinformed. The main effect of the embargo was to ensure Chinese independence of US hardware.

Of course, the US is responding. We've got Meetings, Programs, Timelines, and Plans. What we don't seem to have is a chance of catching up. The first Meetings began in 2007, and a Timeline was created almost 10 years later, for a system to be delivered in 2023, only 3 years behind China's projected exascale delivery in 2020. 

Does anyone see any way to get DOE HPC back on the successful track of the 1994-2008 era? Or does it make more sense to call it a day and start buying HPC systems from China?

Discounted tuition to students from Mexico

Students from Mexico at NM university pay deeply discounted tuition, and then go to work for LANL.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Potential Solution to Declining Scientific and Engineering Productivity at NNSA Labs

New York Times: Chinese Bank Spanks Workers

BEIJING — The training session started with a harsh public shaming. A performance coach took to the stage and asked eight employees at a Chinese bank to explain to a room of their peers why they had fallen short.

“I didn’t cooperate well,” a woman said.

“I wasn’t courageous enough,” another confessed.

Then the session took a bizarre turn. The coach brandished a wooden stick and shouted, “Get your behinds ready!” He proceeded to slap the employees on their rears, going down the line four times. A woman recoiled in pain, and several workers gasped.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Greater HRA

UC retirees outside California get an HRA of $3,000 a year. LLNL retirees get only $2,450 a year.

Note from moderator: what is HRA?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Question about LLNL

What is the current budget and estimated completion dates to address "Superfund" defined contamination at the LLNL Livermore main Site and LLNL Site 300 near Tracy?

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