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Friday, June 17, 2016

LANL Managers Cited After Electrical Accident


Anonymous said...

So what does "cited" actually mean? Is it something benign like a letter of reprimand, or something more significant?

Anonymous said...

So what does "cited" actually mean?

It means several non manager was fired, and a number of of LANS managers where given large bonuses. History will repeat itself and at some point the whole things falls apart. We good?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Bluhm · Texas A&M
"radioactive leak at a Nevada site run by the Los Alamos lab." WIPP is in Carlsbad, NM, not Nevada, FYI.
Like · Reply · 8 hrs · Edited

Excuse me Beth but Nevada happens to be a real state, New Mexico is not acknowledge as a state by most Americans. When you say New Mexico they say "Mexico" so it is non starter. No one cares about radioactive leaks in Mexico, so you have to name a US state that people know about and realize is part of the United States and hence is relevant to the United States. Everyone knows about Las Vegas and why it is relevant, therefore Nevada meets the criteria as a valid state within the United States, New Mexico ... not so much. Sorry but this is just realty, try it next time you go to the post office and want to mail something to New Mexico. There is the United States and than there is New Mexico, well maybe Mississippi as well, but you get my point. There is a very good reason WIPP is in New Mexico, as well as LANL, Sandia, UFOs, White Sands missile range, and crystal blue. New Mexico, is very special, New Mexico is very different, the rules do not apply to New Mexico and never can or ever will. New Mexico can never admit it is wrong because it has no ability to tell what right or wrong in the first place, all it knows is that it is very special and it is a State. The only sane thing to do is make it territory again and keep it from voting but that will not happen, only because no even knows New Mexico exists...strange is it not? So WIPP, Sandia, LANL and UFOs will continue to exists from here on out and thrive. Just for your FYI.

Anonymous said...

1. Employees raise concerns over safety issues
2. Those employees are reprimanded or fired
3. A precedent is established for employees that raise safety concerns
4. Boom-boom event occurs
5. In the aftermath of the Boom-boom, a review occurs
6. Managers are cited for events surrounding boom-boom
7. Time passes
8. Go to step 1


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