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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Clean up underfunded before new contract starts


Anonymous said...

A real reporter seeking to be impartial and unbiased would have tried to get a comment from the DOE regarding the basis of the $1.7B contract and why the NMED suggests that it is closer to $4B. Instead, we roll out the same tired anti-LANL people that we can predict with great accuracy their statement before they open up their mouth and speak falsehoods and their opinions in the name of newsworthy reporting.

Anonymous said...

No one cares what Greg Melo has to say, not DOE, not Congress and certainly not the state of New Mexico. If it costs 4B than it is great news for the state! If it cost 1.7B that is not bad but we could do better! As for Greg,? well ask your self this, after 15-20 years of his same talk what has he accomplished? Maybe he should shutting up for a change and things might go his way. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

One point of Blog unity is the absolutely worthless nature of Greg Mellow and Jay Coghlan. Neither of them have ever produced anything of value for the United States or for the State of New Mexico. They are champions of their own egos. Sadly, the Santa Fe press is more than happy to indulge them in their phony credentials and uneducated positions.

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