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Monday, January 21, 2019

County fears loss of GRT

County fears loss of GRT if Los Alamos lab gets nonprofit status

Los Alamos County officials are concerned that a stream of gross receipts tax revenues from Los Alamos National Laboratory -- tens of millions of dollars a year -- could dry up in coming months if the lab's new management contractor obtains nonprofit status from the IRS.

en. Carlos Cisneros, D-Questa, said the tax revenue loss also would be felt by the state over time, particularly in years without an oil boom.

Cisneros is a co-sponsor of a bill introduced in the 2019 legislative session that seeks to amend the New Mexico Tax Code to prevent gross receipts tax exemptions for major contractors formed to operate one of the state's national labs.

"We rely on that funding for education and government services," Cisneros said.

If oil and gas "goes south, it takes a chunk of the budget, and we are back in a recession mode," he said. "So this additional cushion of up to $30 million coming in from the national lab is just as crucial for the state of New Mexico as it for the local government."

Nerzig did not answer questions about whether Triad was considering filing for tax-exempt status.

The National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the lab, also did not respond to questions about the issue Friday.

If Triad does obtain 501(c)(3) status, Los Alamos County would have to repay any taxes it has already collected from the company.

"That is a very difficult thing for a municipality," said Los Alamos County Councilor David Izraelevitz.

Like Burgess, Izraelevitz is concerned about the future of tax revenues from the lab.

"At this point, we are going basically month to month," he said, "until we hear any confirmation from them as to whether they will apply or not."

Friday, January 11, 2019

The scores are in!

The scores are in and once again LANL is the lowest in the complex

This was the final year of LANS and Wallace was able to do his very best and LANL hung onto last place! Way to go!!

Nuclear weapons complex report cards

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Earned $47.9 million of a possible $50.1 million award fee, including $6.5 million, or 75 percent, of a possible $8.7 million in performance-based fees.

Kansas City National Security Campus: Earned $43.4 million of a possible $47.5 million award, including 86.5 percent of a possible $30 million in performance-based fees.

Y-12 National Security Complex & Pantex Plant: Earned $36.3 million of a possible $40.9 million, including 88.5 percent of a possible $39.9 million in performance-based fees.

Nevada National Security Site: Earned $16.7 million of a possible $18.3 million, including 89.6 percent of a possible $15.1 million in performance-based fees.

Sandia National Laboratories: Earned $41.6 million of a possible $42.4 million, including 91 percent of a possible $8.2 million in performance-based fees.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Earned $44 million of a possible $46.7 million, including 91 percent of a possible $28.3 million in performance-based fees.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What is the future for the workforce at the NNA labs?

"Will an AI take YOUR job in 2019? China's leading expert warns it will take over HALF of jobs within 15 years (and reveals the most at risk careers)"

Telemarketer / telesales
Customer support 
Warehouse workers
Clerks and operational staff 
Telephone operators 
Fast food workers 
Dish washers 
Assembly line inspector 

Not sure that half the jobs at the NNSA labs are in danger but maybe 1/4? 


Sales and Marketing Research 
Insurance adjuster 
Security guards 
Truck drivers 
Consumer loan underwriter 
Financial and sports journalists 
Bookkeepers & Financial Analysts 
Fruit pickers 
Investment professionals 


Medical caregivers
AI researchers and engineers 
Fiction writers 
Criminal defense attorney 
Computer Scientists & Engineers 
Managers (actually leaders)

Hmm, well the NNSA labs don't have many scientists left and there certainly are no "actual leaders" so maybe 1/2 the workforce 
will be in danger.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Notice of violation!

LANS cited for another safety violation

LANL still operating under dark shadow of LANS

Even without any additional fine from NNSA to the now defunct operator, this is still a damning official action. Any near miss is serious and one at a nuclear weapons lab carries heightened risk for all involved. By the time this accident happened, McMillan had dumped almost all of the leadership that wasn't home grown and installed UC lifers in those roles. Only time will show if the Triad group has better judgement in selecting leadership.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Why does Los Alamos need GRT taxes?

Why does Los Alamos need GRT taxes from TRIAD? Is the money going to be used to create an even bigger justice center when Los Alamos is already the safest place in New Mexico.

"Residents in Los Alamos had the lowest chance anywhere in the state of being the victim of a crime at 1 in 192. "

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