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Thursday, January 3, 2019

LLNL, one of the best places to work

Really ?


Anonymous said...

About 5-6 years after LLNS acquired the contract to manage LLNL, LLNS employees received a request by DOE to fill out and submit an employee survey within a ~two week time frame to accommodate employee scheduling conflicts. Even after LLNL Director Parney Albright encouraged LLNS employees to do the survey, survey participation was poor. The perception (baseless or not) of employee blowback from negative survey input was likely a factor in the low survey participation, as was the survey's perceived value added to the new status quo work environment at LLNL under LLNS management.

Anonymous said...

Survey participation is nearly always low.

Anonymous said...

For many technical staff that enjoy working on meaty problems, it is a good and fun place to work. Not like we see indentured scientists and engineers trudging around.

doobydew said...

9:43 pm, this speaks volumes for how employees feel!

Anonymous said...

9:43 pm wasn't speaking about LLNL surveys specifically, I think. He is correct about all surveys in general. So no conclusion about LLNL employees is warranted. Many perfectly happy people (like me) never do surveys.

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