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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NIF Landscape Manager.

Anonymously contributed:

If you peruse the job openings you may find this one:

Posting Title: NIF Landscape Manager
Job #: 009061

It is only a 50% time job, but I don't think the boys in B111 have a Landscape
Manager. If NIF doesn't work, they'll look good while going down.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this! A starting salary of 6300.00 per month to do what?"advise, analyze, and recommend the procedures and practices required for the site to project a world class impression". I think, "WTF", is the appropriate response. I can see some lawns here and there but NIF looks like a effing arboretum. Management must agree since they find it necessary to hire a landscape manager. They have taken away all the tools we once had to do effective R and D in order to shrink the budget but there is enough money for a landscape manager.How sad.

Anonymous said...

NIF has sucked the life out of the OPS PAD! Training $$ near 0 for 4 years!!

Anonymous said...

I could do this job for free. Install a conveyor belt from Moses' office and use it to spread the endless supply of manure around the landscaped vistas at the NIF. Soon, everything will come up roses. I'll take my $6300.00 now.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know I lost my classified job (that took years of training) due to funding concerns, only to be replaced by a lawn care guy.
Maybe I should have learned garden care instead of computer science. Does MIT offer a lawn care degree? Maybe the government will offer a 'dumbing down' agenda retraining program for former computer scientists.

Anonymous said...

"NIF has sucked the life out of the OPS PAD!"

You actually meant the Laboratory, right?

Anonymous said...

Especially the OPS PAD; it is a cost center!

Anonymous said...

'Nice to know I lost my classified job (that took years of training) due to funding concerns, only to be replaced by a lawn care guy.'

There are opening at the Lab now.
Comp seems to have an appetite for outsiders!

Anonymous said...

I too lost my job in the LANS nuclear weapon program to be reassigned to cleanup legacy nuclear waste. LANS management literally threw away my knowledge of nuclear weapons, classified files, clearance, and career (no longer careers at LANS) to meet their PBIs (aka money) at the waste facility. The priorities are now LANScaping, nuclear waste, demolition, and decommissioning.

Anonymous said...

I guess no one realized that when the LLCs took over the NNSA labs, the LLC abbreviation stood for "Lawn and Landscaping Care"!

Science and research? That's so 20th century. The future at the NNSA "labs" involves swell jobs like this one!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the job posted & given specifically to a NIF Official friend w/benefits? who ended up crashing her car into the landscaping after a 3 martini lunch? and causing 60K in damages which couldn't be reported through proper channels because of the impropriety of the consensual relationship? Well, her firm would be making the money to replace that costly repair, adding a mere $60 onto a million bucks in landscaping is a drop in the bucket.


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