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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sandia's Solid State Lighting EFRC

Sandia's Solid State Lighting EFRC (Energy Frontier Research Center) was up for renewal at DOE this year. This funding effort was an $18 million dollar effort with a lifespan of 5 years (2009-2014). As of June 18, 2014, it was officially announced by DOE that the EFRC renewal proposal submitted by Sandia this year was not renewed.


Anonymous said...

Who cares. Sandia will toss all these folks on the B61 LEP food line. Why do you think they call it "life extension"?

Anonymous said...

^ Sandia was trying to get OFF the B61 food line, genius. Thus the non-weapons program, a model which LLNL and LANL would be smart to adopt.

Anonymous said...

solid state lighting research is just not sexy enough.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what Sandia will do is missappropriate all of the LDRD funds to cover all of the old cruft that lost their EFRC funding, so that they don't have to make hard choices. They don't call it scientific welfare for nothing...

Meanwhile, new people with fresh ideas won't get any LDRD funding since there will be none left after the welfare is dolled out.

Anonymous said...

PNNL was able to get their EFRC renewed by the DOE...what happened to Sandia?

Anonymous said...

Hay, the NNSA has to find money to waste sinking it into NIF somewhere?

It's SOP to kill off energy research that can actually benefit mankind and sink it into welfare for physicists. Hell, one day, in the far distant future, we might need to design and build new bombs!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least funding wasn't sent to this silly program again:

" Tim Shepodd (8223) liked the moniker and agreed to call it the “chili cookoff.” But there was no chili involved, and the only “cooking” had to do with the kind of chemicals not usually found on Sandia grounds. "

Anonymous said...

Chili cookoff -- How does ULM think they can get away with this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Solid-State Lighting Science EFRC

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