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This BLOG is for LLNL present and past employees, friends of LLNL and anyone impacted by the privatization of the Lab to express their opinions and expose the waste, wrongdoing and any kind of injustice against employees and taxpayers by LLNS/DOE/NNSA. The opinions stated are personal opinions. Therefore, The BLOG author may or may not agree with them before making the decision to post them. Comments not conforming to BLOG rules are deleted. Blog author serves as a moderator. For new topics or suggestions, email

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Notice from moderator

More than 50% of the comments I have been getting are destructive criticism, mainly about how slow I am at publishing posts and comments.

Visitors have to realize I am not sitting in a rocking chair with a laptop on my lap waiting impatiently for your posts and comments.

If you want this blog to move faster and improve, please contribute your time towards that, otherwise hold your criticism.

This blog is not rated, ranked or reviewed for performance. If you count on it for entertainment, you are in the wrong place. If you experiencing memory difficulties, go back and read "BLOG purpose".

I will not respond or post anything complaining about slow, boring, useless etc... this blog is.

After all, you are free to visit or not to visit this BLOG.

Thank you for visiting and contributing!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! One has to wonder why you are doing this at all.

scooby said...

Again, read BLOG purpose.

Anonymous said...

Snoppy. Please recognize that the critics have an agenda. They attempting to wear you down the same way they wore Frank and Doug ( LANL: The Rest of the Story) down. Their agenda is simple, shut the LLNS blog down, it's airing LANS/LLNS dirty, stinky, and corrupt laundry. Hang in there, we appreciate your efforts!

Anonymous said...

No, why are YOU doing this??

Anonymous said...

Things have improved remarkably at Los Alamos since the awful LANL blog shut down.

Employee morale has gained and staff are pitching in with their hard working LANS upper management to make LANL the best ever!

Worker efficiency is rising and productivity is improving with each passing day. The trend is ever upward to perfection with LANS! Hundreds of employees are posting insightful comments on the new LANL Performance Blog. Come join the LANS team!

Things will only get better at LLNS once this blog, too, is shut down. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

5/2 11:04 am was a regular on the LANL blog in the weeks before it was shut down. Unfortunately, his tongue-in-cheek parody of LANS management wasn't appreciated by many, and his postings drew an ever increasing amount of vitriol, which of course was, and is, his aim. Hopefully the LLNL folks aren't as irony-challenged and will just ignore his juvenile attempts at inciting argument for argument's sake.


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