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Monday, December 13, 2010

New uniforms!!

Anonymously contributed:

The lab has announced that the Security Police Officers will be wearing new uniforms, coming to a gate near you in February. This DOE mandate was made because:

One uniform style will be cheaper if bought in bulk quantities for the entire complex. They won't be having to change uniforms and insignias on contract turnovers (maybe they are trying to tell us something.

I understand the buying in bulk to save money. It would have been nice for DOE/NNSA/Congress to have considered what the contract change cost Livermore and Los Alamos. This uniform change will save an estimated $500,000 in eight years. Jeez, at that rate, they might be able to recoup the extra cost of a single year's contract change cost by the next century. That's just for one lab, probably two hundred years to recoup a single year's difference for both labs.


Anonymous said...

Wow, some savings. $500k is about what it now costs for a single staff member's time for one year at the NNSA labs when all the overhead and taxes are added on at the new and improved "for profit" NNSA labs.

Way to go, NNSA. In just 8 years, you'll have saved the costs equal to that of a single staff member's annual costs.

Now, how about working on bringing down the outrageous costs for the lab staff members by paring down the bloated management and crazy policies?

Anonymous said...

Since over half of the uniformed protective force officers at LLNL will soon be laid off, this really is not much of a savings at Livermore.

Anonymous said...

Really? Clothing like anything wears out and is replaced. I expect a uniform lasts a couple of years. So at most, the PSAs will move up their replacement uniforms a few years. If this is big news, then I better start watching the office supplies for the next breaking story.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the study cost the DOE, then add in the implementation costs...they will probably breakeven some time around 2050.


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