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Monday, December 20, 2010

Will GS get rid of the PAD office?

Anonymously contributed:

Comment: It seems there are a lot of people in the GS PAD office sucking up the overhead and not bringing in the money. Yes they brought in some, but the size of the PAD is large, and I am guessing they have not brought in enough to even cover the costs of having a PAD. If LLNL needs lobbyists to bring home the bacon, they should probably hire professionals. Anyway, maybe they have brought in huge sums I have not heard about, but I doubt it. Time to get rid of some overhead.


Anonymous said...

Intelligence left first.

Anonymous said...

It seems the main purpose of the Global Security operations which sprung up over the last few years at the NNSA labs was to create dozens of new, highly paid management positions in these bloated Directorates.

The increase in overhead costs to pay for all this so-called top-flight management capability has become staggering! It's a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

The best solution would be to divide LLNL equally between NNSA and Dept of Homeland Security, and place their programs under two Deputy Directors - one for Nuclear Security work the other for Homeland Security work. LLNS should have a contract with DOE/NNSA and a contract with DHS.

Also, get the NNSA Site Office out of the business of overseeing DHS work that they know nothing about, basically give half of the offices in 311 to DHS.

NNSA work at LLNL is drying up fast, with LANL, Y-12, and Pantex becoming the heart of NNSA. Yes the NNSA is getting a large budget increase (one of very few in the federal government), but most of the money is going to these three sites.

For LLNL to survive it has to become a "basic science lab" focusing on lasers, high energy physics, and advance computations, and some core national/homeland security projects for NNSA and DHS.

Anonymous said...

A counter perspective: for "basic science" lasers and high energy physics to survive at LLNL they have to keep skimming off NNSA work.

Plus DHS probably doesn't want to become half-time landlord. It certainly isn't clear it can think in long enough time frames to play that role.


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