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Friday, November 22, 2013

Nuke troubles run deep

Any of this below in the AP story sound familiar? Headline: Nuke troubles run deep; key officers "burned out" - Nov 20, 2013 - WASHINGTON (AP) — Trouble inside the Air Force's nuclear missile force runs deeper and wider than officials have let on. An unpublished study for the Air Force, obtained by The Associated Press, cites "burnout" among launch officers with their fingers on the triggers of 450 weapons of mass destruction. Also, evidence of broader behavioral issues across the intercontinental ballistic missile force, including sexual assaults and domestic violence. The study, provided to the AP in draft form, says that court-martial rates in the nuclear missile force in 2011 and 2012 were more than twice as high as in the overall Air Force. Administrative punishments, such as written reprimands for rules violations and other misbehavior, also were higher in those years. These indicators add a new dimension to an emerging picture of malaise and worse inside the ICBM force, an arm of the Air Force with a proud heritage but an uncertain future... ...Based on confidential small-group discussions last winter with about 100 launch officers, security forces, missile maintenance workers and others who work in the missile fields — plus responses to confidential questionnaires — RAND found low job satisfaction and workers distressed by staff shortages, equipment flaws and what they felt were stifling management tactics. It also found what it termed "burnout." Burnout in this context means feeling exhausted, cynical and ineffective on the job, according to Chaitra Hardison, RAND's senior behavioral scientist and lead author of the study. She used a system of measure that asks people to rate on a scale of 1 to 7 — from "never" to "always" — how often in their work they experience certain feelings, including tiredness, hopelessness and a sense of being trapped. An average score of 4 or above is judged to put the person in the "burnout" range. One service member said, "We don't care if things go properly. We just don't want to get in trouble." That person and all others who participated in the study were granted confidentiality by RAND in order to speak freely... -key-officers-burned-184232764.html


Anonymous said...

The presidential staff don't care. Their Fight Club addiction to political sparring is all consuming. Their chosen enemies are in DC, not elsewhere. Lead to into the arena, O'bama wastes his time sparring.

Until Iran is testing openly in the spring of 2017, this topic doesn't matter. When the Shia have a deliverable and a delivery system, and begin dictating terms in the Gulf, the new administration will finally need to decide how to respond.

Then if the next presidential staff decides to give it a moment in the ever political miasma, SAC's successor will begin to resurrect mission, equipment, training, exercises and TESTING to verify US systems work.

Until then, its the real "don't ask, don't tell."

Anonymous said...

" The B61? Is that the new SOCOM drone? Do the republicans know about it? "

Susan Rice to Chuck Hagel

Anonymous said...

"Stay on message, you dumb ass."

Rom Emmanuel's message boy to Stephen Chu

Current issue

Anonymous said...

This topic doesn't matter because D.C. is s&&t.

We root for the next Sandy to flush.

Go, global warming

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