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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple in AZ So Apple is opening it's new manufacturing plant in ....oh not California but a RIGHT TO WORK STATE.....Arizona. They are smart enough that they do not want to deal with Union infants. The moral of the story is DO NOT LISTEN TO people with a UNION MENTALITY (like we sometimes have here in on this Blog). Because this is what you get. NUMI was Toyota's only union plant and guess what... they closed it. So LEARN from this and when infantile union people try to plead their case just think of all those Apple jobs in a Right to Work state (not California) or think of, Steel Mills (closed) Detroit (Bankrupt) Hostess (closed) Boeing in S. Carolina NUMI (closed) I think I'll stop there. Or should we talk about the many Corporations opening their factories in Right to Work states.........


Anonymous said...

The Apple employees in India make the equivalent of about $100,000 based on local currency and living expenses. Not really JAs but very highly educated and astute people.

Anonymous said...

So is your issue with unions, or US unions? Vast majority of manufacturing in Germany is unionized. And the unions have representation on the corporate board.

Anonymous said...

Good question.
I was in a union back in the day and I thought it was ok.
But modern unions have morphed into part of the D. political machine.

If a person just did a little research you could see that 30% of the California debt are unions doing Public Works jobs and sucking 20-30% more (than non-union) from the State government.
Example: The High Speed rail is a union only construction project.

So why you might ask is this happening.
It is because local, state and federal Democrats are being funded by Union political funds (because they get that extra 20-30%) on a contract.
So we have this vicious cycle with unions being (another!) "Special Interest Group" the Dems cater too.
It is an extremely corrupt system that is bankrupting California.

Most Corporations (like Apple) are too smart too play much of that game and will go to a Right to Work state,

So they do not have to deal with the little babies.
So I do not like US unions (except for Police and Fire) they are usually totally corrupt and a form of entitlement and they have to go.

SO when these babies from Upte or another union try to come to the Lab BEWARE.

Anonymous said...

I think besides union problems the business taxes and business atmosphere are far better in Az than

Anonymous said...

These are low-end non-professional low-value-add jobs. A move would be meaningful if they moved corporate offices and all their high-value-add workers like developers, engineers and designers to Arizona... Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey AMBIVALENT VOTERS keep voting Democratic and tax and let them spend away your pensions.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so maybe I should start voting Republican so they can take away my rights as a women to make my own decisions about my body? That makes a ton of sense.

Anonymous said...

my rights as a women to make my own decisions about my body?

November 15, 2013 at 8:34 AM

Your unborn child is not "your body." Your rights ended when you decided to become pregnant, and the child's rights were established. Yes, respecting the rights of others can seem very inconvenient to some people. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

8:34 - said like an uneducated man or religious fanatic.

Doctors, not governments, should always be the people to make medical recommendations and opinions. The fact that some people would even consider governments to regulate a medical procedure is foolish. And my body is my body, regardless of what may grow inside.

And now we have gotten totally off-topic.

Anonymous said...

my body is my body, regardless of what may grow inside.

November 15, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Sorry you are wrong. You do NOT own your unborn child. Slavery was abolished long ago.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism (in disguise of Feminism) has taught women it is ok to kill their infant through Abortion.

Interesting enough some women when "the light goes on" as to what they have done initiate funeral services for the dead child and even give them a name.
It is helpful to go through the grieving process but you would first have to get out denial.

If you have never grieved the death of your child then it can cause major problems in your life including alcohol and drugs.

Trust me on this...........please.
You killed your baby, so admit it, grieve it and try to live a better life from now on. We all screw up.
You are not alone in that venue.

Anonymous said...

Why should I trust you on anything? You may have your opinion, based on supposed anecdotal information on "some women." I bet abortions have led to a lot FEWER descents into alcohol and drugs than NOT having them.

It's possible that "some women" have seen the light and reacted as you suggest, but it sure isn't typical as you try to suggest. I've never heard of such a case.

So trust ME on this.....please. Your opinions are just that. I and many others simply don't agree.

Anonymous said...

I and many others simply don't agree.

November 22, 2013 at 3:35 PM

You don't get to "agree" or not on the fact that abortion is killing an innocent unborn baby. Murder is murder.

Anonymous said...

And the world used to be flat.

Anonymous said...

And the world used to be flat.

November 23, 2013 at 5:08 PM

No it was always what it is. And murder is still murder. If you think that the murder of unborn children is now acceptable and right, your ethics need a tuneup.

Anonymous said...

If a (God-forbid) a pregnant woman is murdered than the assailant is tried for two murders.

But if you see the Abortionist with scissors in his (or her) hand ready to snip the spinal cord of a baby 9 months old (in the canal), that is not murder in an upside down, Liberal mentality. In the F***ed up mind of a Liberal that is the humanitarian thing to do.

Thank goodness we have a loving God that helps and forgives us. I do not want a murderous Abortionist to get what they deserve because I too am not up to standards in God's eyes and do not want to get what I deserve for my bad deeds.
I just know when I am doing a bad deed and acknowledge it, where the Abortionist celebrates their bad deeds and it goes against everything I know to snip the spinal cord of a vulnerable, defenseless baby so the mother can have a convenient life.

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