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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Notice from DOE Inspector General

Subject: Report Alert Notice from DOE Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General has issued a report titled “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Laser Inertial Fusion Energy Endeavor," (OAI-M-16-13).

This report is now available for viewing and can be accessed by clicking the link below:            
If you are unable to access this report, please call (202) 586-4128 for assistance.


Anonymous said...

Really so what !

Do you want to make progress or not !

It's too bad we didn't have the option of getting the Chinese Science and Technology University system to pay for LIFE. We would be building high average power laser hardware today that would be exceeding all expectations.

It's truly sad that cutting edge/high payoff R&D in the national interest is no longer funded by DOE, DOD, NNSA, etc...

Elan Musk, please save us !

Anonymous said...

Elan Musk looked around and said " get me off this planet!"

Anonymous said...

LIFE was a waste of money, the pet project of zealous and demented Ed Moses. I am not aware of any credible scientist not embedded up Moses' ass, inside or outside the lab, who thought it was anything but stupid and embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Did Hitlery recklessly mishandle claasified here too?

Anonymous said...

July 18, 2016 at 11:49:

Did Dick Cheney and Donald Drumpf lose 100 Billion here like he did in Iraq? Fixed it for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry now, the Chinese will soon be building high average power solid state lasers in the 10 MW class for laser weapons work, and we'll have to buy from them. Of course we will have to give them their fake islands, give up freedom of navigation, and all kinds of other favors. I'm guessing that the laser diode pump assemblies, diode arrays, large optics, etc... will also be built in those shining new (well not so much shining, but rather trashy looking) fab facilities build by Silicon Valley firms. China is a rather dirty country in their industrial areas.

Anonymous said...

All the LLNL management went along with LIFE. They were telling each other that there would billions of $ coming in from VC to fund LIFE. If the high-foot shots didn't max out so low they'd still be going on about LIFE. Now we get Nature articles and excuses.

Anonymous said...

I am amused that the best argument for the Shrew Is that her blunders are no worse that someone else terrible blunder.

It speaks poorly of the candidate but paints the advocate as a fool.

Both candidates are poor leaders, lacking in solutions to our challenges who will not be followed by the electorate. Same as now.

Anonymous said... a result of lack of effective consensus solutions exceptional ones, such as rendition, infiltration, deportation and interrment of dangerous groups will surface as peole seek safety leaders fail to provide.

Obama's cry "it's not so bad" or Krugman's "NYC is safer thsn ever" within spitting distance of the 9/11 gives an unsettling dystopian aura to the leadership vacuum. Either leaders provide solutions to problems like debt, globalization and the Mad Muslim Menace or we suffer the alternative.

Neither has. Neither seems likely to.

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