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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Press Conference on Whistleblower Retaliation

"Wyden, Markey, McCaskill to Hold Press Conference on Whistleblower Retaliation
by Contractors at the Energy Department" (12pm ET Thursday July 14, 2016)


Anonymous said...

Bechtel runs the show and will keep running this show.

Anonymous said...

"This new GAO report makes clear that the Department of Energy has utterly failed to protect whistleblowers from retaliation by its contractors,” Markey said. “Whistleblowers are our modern day Paul Reveres, shedding light on unsafe, wasteful and possible illegal activities. They should be applauded and rewarded, not threatened and fired. And the American taxpayer should not foot the bill for legal fees for DOE contractors who’ve engaged in wrongdoing. DOE must hold its contractors accountable for engaging in retaliation and harassment and reform this dangerous culture of disregard for the law.”

Anonymous said...

DOE holding Bechtel accountable....good one.

Anonymous said...

Only time will tell if this GAO report and Senator Markey's loss of faith in DOE to resolve these problems represents an inflection point for retaliation against whistleblower employees from DOE and its contractors. The next DOE Secretary candidate and other high level DOE officials, will certainly face scrutinizing appointment committees if these problems are not quickly resolved by DOE.

Chuck Montano said...

I wrote a book about this very subject, and the moderator of this blog was kind enough to mention it awhile back. Title is: Los Alamos: A Whistleblower's Diary.

If interested, please visit

Anonymous said...

The whistleblower is very important and something that should be maintained. There is a cost to this program in that it can be easily abused and rest assured it has likely been badly abused in the past. It is however the price we have to pay to ensure that those with legitimate claims have a voice to do so. One would have to look no further than the Tommy Hook stripper joint Cheeks case and the statements made Montano by in that case to see how it may be possible for the WB system to be utterly abused.

If interested, please visit some the following
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Authorities say the beating of a Los Alamos nuclear lab auditor outside a topless bar last weekend was an "isolated incident" unrelated to his status as a whistleblower.

'Incentive' to make up pedestrian incident?
Montano said Hook stands by his version of how the attack happened despite the conclusion of authorities.

"What's unfortunate about this is that it appears to be Mr. Hook's word against the word of four or more assailants," Montano said. "These individuals involved would have every incentive to portray a different scenario than what Mr. Hook portrayed. That says volumes about how difficult it is as whistleblowers to bring issues to the surface." If Hook had actually hit or nearly hit a pedestrian, Montano said witnesses could have held him down until police arrived. "You don't beat someone to a pulp and leave them for dead because they hit you or almost hit you," Montano said. "That, to me, is a ludicrous alibi that is being given."

Cops Debunk Whistleblower Beating

BEATEN Los Alamos Whistleblower NOT TARGETED according to Police
One of the comments on this article is : Esteemed krazypuppy:
You are barking in defense of people not worth your agitation. Tommy Hook and Chuck Montano are not whistleblowers. They are unscrupulous, incompetent and litigous SOBs who found that using a whistleblower status in the atmosphere of a politically inspired witchhunt against LANL could lead them to some easy money.

Lab Whistle-Blower Wasn't Out Fishing

Lab Whistle-Blower Wasn't Out Fishing

Anonymous said...

Whistleblower policy has been "maintained", by proclamation not by enforcement.


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