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Saturday, October 20, 2018

That is how the cookie crumbles

Well it is almost time for the new contract. TRIAD is coming in and LANS is going out. You see lots of hopeful faces at LANL, and a small number of very sad faces mixed with disdain. Lots of high end housing is for sale in the town. A few Santa Fe trolls are still in utter shock, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Lets make LANL great again. MLGA!


Anonymous said...

Not sure where you see the hopeful faces?

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you see the hopeful faces?

October 20, 2018 at 6:49 PM


Do you work at the lab? I mean really everyone is glad that LANS is going, well not everyone but most people. Everyone seems hopeful but still have a wait and see attitude. As some people said it can only go up at this point. Do you work at the lab and have conversations with people? The statement you made just seems rather off. Perhaps you are retired so it does not matter to you. In short most people are hopeful and yes you can see it in their faces. How it will actually turn out or if anything changes we will have to see. Oddly enough ever since LANs was told they are out moral at LANL has improved. There are a few select managers and their underlings that are not happy but these where not the most liked people if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

People are sad that UC is staying, they may not have loved Bechtel but only because Bechtel could not clean up the place. 70 years of pure horror at the lab. I am not bitter I am simply pointing out facts and to say otherwise is fake news. Every now and than I think I may have gone wrong somewhere in my analysis but I just cannot find it. It is just one of those things in life that LANL somehow is still around and UC is still part of running it. It just cannot be explained in any rational way that I can find as all my assumptions are rock solid, my experiences are vivid, firm and reliable, the results are clear enough. Still how did it come to this?

Anonymous said...

People are sad that UC is staying, they may not have loved Bechtel but only because Bechtel could not clean up the place. 70 years of pure horror at the lab.

October 21, 2018 at 11:12 AM

Well, I have been around since 1977, and the presence of UC as my employer was never "pure horror." (Hyperbole much?) It was in fact pure joy for me and the gradual but steady advancement of my experience and my career, and the promise of a great benefits and pension package. The arrival of LANS was in fact, horrible for everyone who depended on the stability, security, science focus, and collegiality of UC. The disruption of that regrettable event was in fact horrible to most of us long-time UC employees.

Maybe now the Lab can start back to being the premier national resource it was for over 60 years. (Not 70 - you can't count.)

Anonymous said...

October 21, 2018 at 5:40 PM

You sir are part of the problem. There are many great people that UC, LANL and the cowboys have screwed. These have been some of the most intelligent and created people of our generation, these people have been whistle blowers, wrote books, write letters to the editors, have been on TV, given press conferences, posted on the blogs about what has happened to them. Despite the reams of data, books, interviews all you can say is that it has been great for you personally. You have read the Zinner report of 1969, it tells you all you need to know. Also some great books on these horrors please buy 'Los Alamos: Secret Colony, Hidden Truths' by Chuck Montaño
8 Used from $61.74 2 New from $244.69

Montaño witnessed how LANL transformed Los Alamos into one of the country’s wealthiest enclaves, even as it depended on hundreds of blue-collar workers from the economically depressed Española Valley for its custodial and maintenance staff." Class and caste in Los Alamos, in New Mexico very powerful. In other words LANL destroyed the economy of Northern New Mexico and again
all you can say is that it has been good for you personally.

Another great book is by Walp, a former Pennsylvania State Police commissioner, recounted his own experience investigating fraud at LANL in his 2010 book, Implosion at Los Alamos: How Crime, Corruption and Cover-Ups Jeopardize America’s Nuclear Weapons Secrets.

Also the Los Alamos study group has been great articles about how LANL has wrecked the economy of New Mexico and that there is no science being done.

With this irrefutable evidence it is beyond doubt that it has been 70 years of PURE HORROR.

poster 5:40pm there is more to the world than you and you need to get off the hill.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me 9:09? If it wasn't for LANL, many of the depressed areas or blue collar as you call it, wouldn't have good paying jobs with benefits. Where else could you find jobs for high school educated, making 45K upwards to over 100K salaries. I'm perplexed how this is actually destroying the economy? A two technician household can easily make over 100K. This is good money. Please don't cite as some unbiased source of information as itdoesn't add to your credibility.

Anonymous said...

"I'm perplexed how this is actually destroying the economy? "

This is how

LANL, which is secret on the one hand and devoted to weapons of mass destruction on the other, produces jobs without public meaning – especially any positive one. Hence it produces no positive “story” or identity
for the community as a whole. A coherent “story” or self-understanding in a community enables that community to rally energy and resources to solve problems. How much more is this true when a facility: a) is not situated in one’s own community, as is the case for about a third of LANL’s workers; b) belongs to and is run by a foreign culture (as is the view, to a greater or lesser extent, in the Indian communities surrounding LANL); c) is run primarily by members of another race (as is the case for Indian and Hispanic New Mexicans); d) has thousands of upper-level staff who have moved here from afar; and
e) does work which one is not truly proud of. LANL, in other words, can never be
a source of community pride. This is true for fundamental reasons and will always be true despite endless efforts by community relations workers to repair or mitigate the problem. In fact there is anecdotal evidence that work at LANL is experienced as shameful by some employees.

Anonymous said...

Lots of high end housing for sale in Los Alamos? Quick check of Zillow will show 18 active listings, of which maybe 5 would qualify as high-end.

Anonymous said...

October 23, 2018 at 10:06 PM

HaHaHaHaHa!!! You are hilarious! Never has there been a single post here so absolutely disconnected from reality.

Anonymous said...

10:06 is delusional. He is likely one of three individuals who repeat anti-lanl drival over and over and over again. Citing LASG and Chuck Montano says all we need to know about both their ability to reason objectively and their agenda.

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