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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Triad Still on Track to Take Over Los Alamos on Nov. 1

Thomas Mason, who will also be lab director, reaffirmed his stance that restoring Los Alamos to nonprofit management — the status quo for most of the storied nuclear-weapon lab’s 75-year history — will be crucial to avoiding the sort of mistakes that prompted the Department of Energy to yank the for-profit incumbent’s contract..., I think, the most important element: is making sure that we do everything we can to have the team function as a team without being pulled apart by conflicting corporate allegiances,”


Anonymous said...

Thomas Mason (TRIAD) wishes to restore the LANL non-profit model to avoid the LANS mistakes and their conflicting corporate allegiances. Yet LANS near genetic twin LLNS, have no such problems? Or is it that fewer accidents at LLNL have allowed the NNSA to look the other way regarding conflicting corporate allegiances within LLNS management?

Anonymous said...

It isn’t the number of accidents that matters. Rather it is the productivity per accident that matters. The simple fact is that LANL does the heavy lifting and has for 75 years. Occasionally people get hurt. If you want lightweight work, there are a thousand university jobs to choose from.

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