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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

NNSA funding

NIF averts a major lay off in FY19, and LLNL overall FY20 budget if passed, largest in proportion to its FY19 budget

"We also assess that the cuts will significantly delay the pursuit of fusion ignition and yield on the NIF, and means we will not meet the NNSA goal set out for 2020. At LLNL, the proposed budget eliminates funding for nearly half of the scientists and engineers working on the ignition effort, representing a significant portion of the U.S. expertise in this area."

"The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California would get the largest proportional budget increase in 2020, if the NNSA’s request became law. The agency seeks about $1.8 billion, which is more than 17.5 percent, or $280 roughly million, above the 2019 appropriation of $1.5 billion. Livermore is leading the W80-4 life-extension program to modernize the warhead slated to top the Pentagon’s new nuclear-tipped, air-launched cruise missile, the Long-Range Standoff weapon.


Anonymous said...

So LLNL does the science, LANL maybe makes pits. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some people forget LLNL is a weapons lab.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Charlie Verdon really came through for his former employer. Does anyone know where this money is going?

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