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Monday, August 16, 2010

How is the lack of space charges working out for you?

Anonymously contributed:
How is the lack of space charges working out for you?

Space hoarding?

Forced moves of technical staff from Q areas in nice buildings to open area offices in ratty buildings? Moves of non-technical staff into nice Q buildings that they have no need to occupy?

Zero available lab space for new projects?


Anonymous said...

You fail to understand the new and improved LLC managed NNSA "science labs".

It's not about growth of science anymore. It's about growth of the management and support orgs.

Get with the program! You should be proud to be doing research in a 'rat hole' office. It's saving money so that your programs can be taxed even higher to help further grow of the all important bloated bureaucracies.

Anonymous said...

They're tearing down a bunch of ratty old "modular" trailers, so that's a step in the right direction.

I've known situations where the lack of space charges has helped keep experimental space open.

Anonymous said...

As a long-term member of a 'support organization', I can assure you that there has not only been 'no growth' since contract transition, there has been significant staff reductions ('staff' being our primary cost), to the point where we sometimes (often?) cannot meet customer requests. Sad (and frustrating)... all the way around.


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