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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bogus HSPD-12 thing at NASA

This HSPD-12 thing at NASA is really bogus.


Note that the solicitor general made an, err, "mistatement" which he
does not intend to retract.

The student's story at the top would be funny were it not so sad.
These things are not just happening in DOE. It's good to see the NASA
employees are taking NASA to court.


Anonymous said...

The link involves a barely coherent blog story about what badges are valid where in the NASA arena. Has absolutely nothing to do with HSPD-12 except as an example of how many people have no clue what HSPD-12 actually says and whose rule it is (not NASA's). Lots of (sometimes intentional) misunderstanding here. Do your homework on HSPD-12 before you fly off the handle, or at least try to fly off the handle at the right folks.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying and failing to understand your barely coherent response to what you claim is a barely coherent blog story.

Some NASA employees clearly have a clue about HSPD-12, given that there is a lawsuit aimed at stopping its application to NASA employees because of what they see as unnecessary intrusion into their lives.

So what is your point here? Do you feel that the NASA employees are in the wrong? Do you think the USG is justified in imposing these regulations on NASA employees?

Anonymous said...

It's not just NASA. HSPD-12 applies to all federal agencies and contractors. (HSPD = Homeland Security Presidential Directive.) Why should NASA be the exception? LANL and LLNL are also struggling over how to implement this. There are timelines and required milestones, and no one is supplying money. Talk to someone from your personnel security department to find out what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Why should NASA employees be the exception? Simple: they're fighting it. And, if they win, they've earned the right to be an exception. I hope they win.

Anonymous said...

Why should NASA employees be the exception? Simple: they're fighting it.

October 26, 2010 10:38 AM

So, if you decide to complain about something that affects everyone, that makes you eligible to be excused from it? Yeah, that worked really well in first grade. Did you learn then that it should work now? If so, turn in your grade school diploma as bogus.


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