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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Retiree Health Care?

Anonymously contributed:

Has anyone explored this?

What they didn't tell us:

Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage (KPSA) is available as our "Group" rate for $179/month (plus Medicare costs), but LLNS did not tell us that it is also available over the counter as an "Individual" for $81/month for Alameda County residents of any age. (Also plus Medicare.) Other counties might vary.
IF you are 65, then Medicare is mandatory, or you will be dropped from LLNS health coverage. Medicare costs by the month, more than they say depending on your income which includes tax exempt income.
The Individual KPSA has higher co pays like $30 per doctor or medicine, while the Group is $20, and $100 co pays for some tests like MRI's that the Group KPSA apparently includes, but the Individual has an annual cap of your out of pocket of $3400. Everything above that is free to you.
I tried to get info on the LLNS Group but the Hewett web site only posts the information for 2009. Kaiser doesn't seem to know.
I'd really be grateful if someone has better information.
Q. If I leave the LLNS Group can I come back later?
Q. Can I get the HRA to pay the Individual KPSA monthly fees?
Q. Does the Group KPSA have an annual expense cap, too?
Thanks for any help!

NO, it is NOT "substantially equal!"


Anonymous said...

NO, it is NOT "substantially equal!" (Post)

So, sue me. See where that gets you. (DOE)

Anonymous said...

The ARE suing UC, I guess you'll see whether that helps!

Q. How did "substantially equal" change to "Industry Standard?"

Is it all Industry, or Federal Labs?

Anonymous said...

Some Answers-Good news and bad news

Don't bother. Worry is useless and wasteful in times like these!

I posted the Q, so
thought I'd share some of the results, maybe save some else the trouble:

The bad news is Hewitt does have a time consuming phone tree. However they do NOT have answers, but might get back to you, "later," in life, after they request some one Research the question(s). Seems like that is their Standard answer. They don't know the costs, don't know the coverages, deductibles, deadlines. They asked me for Medicare's phone number so they could call Medicare- Why I have no clue.
Their supervision might return my call today or tomorrow, or...

But LLNL Benefits says:
1. If you leave the Group plan you lose the HRA, so this whole thing is practically a no brainer, and
2. If you leave you can come back but only at the next open enrollment time.

I'm in Hewitt's hands as far as getting BofA to pay Hewitt from the HRA for the Group KPSA. It's not enough, so we need to figure out how to pay the difference. I will try to pay it as far as the HRA goes, then pay out of pocket for the later months. I pay Hewitt, who then pays Kaiser.

If anyone knows more or different, please post here! THANKS!


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