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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mikey sightings

There have been reports of Mikey sightings several times lately at the NSSB. Any news on if he has been called back to help Charlie? By this point even the blind can see that Charlie was not up to the job, but it is hard to imagine what could be offered to entice Mikey to return.


Anonymous said...

Mike is a member of the STRATCOM Strategic Assessment Team (SAT) under Robert Selden. He took that assignment shortly after he retired and was hanging around the NNSB on and off since Feb this year when they were preparing for the summer reviews. He has a nice big office on the 6th floor near Bret Knapp. I think he was working on the W78/W88 common warhead for that team. LANL is lucky to have him around as he knows the nuclear weapons business well.

Anonymous said...

LANL is lucky to have him around as he knows the nuclear weapons business well.

December 4, 2012 7:32 PM

So what! There were a lot of other folks with 20-35 years of experience in the LANL nuclear weapon program that were tossed on their asses outside the weapon program in 2008-2009 by Knapp, while Anastasio was the Director and McMillan was PADWP. Bottom line, it's the "at Livermore" buddy system "at Los Alamos". Furthermore, what the hell does Anastasio know about the W78 and W88? All of a sudden these guys from Livermore are "behaving" like they were on these development programs and they are the "resident" experts on these systems! Excuse me, but if it looks and smells like a turd, it's likely a turd.

Anonymous said...

Mike Anastasio wouldn't need to be hired on as a highly paid consultant to LANL if he hadn't destroy much of the hard won weapons expertise while he was running Los Alamos into the ground.

Now, he comes back to be the lab's "savior"? Give me a break! The purification process at LANL continues...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mikey can help Charlie uncook the books kept under Mikey's reign,and recover some of the "unallowed expenses" during that time!

Anonymous said...

This is all part of a larger scheme to slowly shrink the NW complex. The strategy employed? Bring in the experts of failing big. Brilliant strategy. It's obviously working.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice for Anastasio "to pick and choose" when he comes, when he leaves, what he works on, how much "work" he will get done, what his benefits are, where is office will be located, and what how much he is going to be paid.

When is the the double-standard going to end at LANS?

Anonymous said...

Hush now. Those former LLNL managers may do a "Bill Nellis" on you, to make an example of you. How would you like to also be blackballed?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Anastasio the director of LLNL at the time that Bill Nellis was blackballed? I think he was in Physics at the time, though i don't remember which division.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mikey's huge pension payout wasn't enough for him. He's back to loot more money from the labs as a highly paid "consultant". Will the upper management thievery at the NNSA "for-profit" labs never end?

Anonymous said...

"Will the upper management thievery at the NNSA "for-profit" labs never end?"

Why would it? It's a closed loop. Until some outside force exerts some serious discernible influence on NNSA/bechtel/ULM things will continue along merrily until the music stops. All 3 of those groups are's only the employees and the nation that's losing. Sad but true.

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