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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still a hole in Y-12's fence

4 1/2 months after unprecedented break-in, there's still a hole in Y-12's fence

This should be the end for the whole show. Chu, D'Agostino, Cook all should depart before the week is over and Congress should add a last minute rider to the defense bill to move the nuclear weapons complex to DoD.

Representative Turner, where are you when the country is in need of quick and decisive action?


Anonymous said...

Hey I understand your wish for change but what makes you this DOD could do a better job. They cannot win a war, protect an embassy, deliver stuff on time, way over cost, inbred, slow, and beholden to the giant defense contractors. Maybe we should outsource DOD. Oh ya we kind of do that already.

Anonymous said...

When you read the story what is even more unbelievable than the fact that the fence went without repair for many months is the report that NNSA repeatedly identified the incorrect location of the intrusion.

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