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Monday, November 30, 2015

The NNSA experiment

What happens after the end of the NNSA experiment?
Anonymous said...
NNSA is a bureaucracy. Bureaucracies do not go away, so NNSA is here to stay. Even is the administrator and deputies are replaced, all of the lower level apparatchiks stay in place (or are promoted), and they are the ones who actually craft and enforce policy and funding. Sorry to break that news to you!
Anonymous said...
Bureaucracies are the closest thing to immortality that you will find on this earth. Names will change and the deck chairs will get shuffled but the ship will sail on.


Anonymous said...

There are many in government that want to end the NNSA and put it under DOD. Marinate.

Anonymous said...

DOD is better than DOE but what would be the impact to science?

Anonymous said...

Moving the labs to DOD would effectively be the end of the labs. DOD has no idea how to operate science labs *at all*. Anything good about them would be stripped away and they would be turned into mid-grade bomb factories.

DOD is NOT better than DOE.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence community (CIA) would be a better choice. Labbies love SCIFs and special access programs. Also, they're more like intelligence analysts who sit around and make up fantasy scenerios, brief politicians, manipulate leaders, etc.

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