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Friday, May 27, 2016

High executive pay, antiquated computers

Somehow it is ok to spend millions per year on compensation for a few Laboratory executives, but still use antiquated computers!! If what the GAO study reports is correct, shame on those that made the decisions!!


Anonymous said...

The McLaren F1 (street/race car) still uses an 20 year old Compaq laptop to program the race cars ECU, because of a secure hardware/software interface that is no longer produced by HP, Dell, etc...

You would think that for >$10M per car, they would have modernized the interface a decade ago.

But then again, many racecars today still run big-as... carburetors and single-plane "X" style intake manifolds.

Anonymous said...

Executive pay has nothing to do with it !

A year before I retired, the Lab (LLNL) computer guys/gals managed to kill (and I mean really burn the hard drives to the ground) my two Windows XP workstations - with their automatic "security patches". They denied it, of course, but Microsoft did acknowledge to me that these patches would kill some XP configurations. Thank's Lab, made my life miserable for several months, particularly as I had critical NIF work to get done before I retired.

Now that's how you get rid of obsolete hardware ! It doesn't take an overpaid executive to do it - just your underpaid IT people !

Anonymous said...

That's nothing, you should have seen what they did to my once well greased and lightning fast slide rule. Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

I think I remember seeing the slide rule in question in your office !

Anonymous said...

I still keep an old plastic slide rule in my garage tool box. The cheap electronic calculators (TI, Casio, etc..) keep dying when hit by my big wrenches (I'm sorry to say). High executive pay had nothing to do with it. Just low mechanics pay !

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