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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still want to work for UC?


    60 minutes show on H1B visas.
    60-80 Indian workers (from India) replace UCSF IT team (1/2 pay, no benefits)and Big Sis (Janet N) is behind it and Disney did the same.
    The H1B program was never meant for this (a loophole).

    Like it or not Mr. Trump (and maybe Bernie) addressed this in the campaign.
    Me thinks Mr. Trump (or Bernie if he was elected) will deal with this soon, a lot on his plate right now.
  2. Oh forgot, be careful what you wish for!

  3. Perhaps we can hire some of those cheap but smart Indians on H1B visas to take over the high level work at the weapon labs.
    Think of all the money we would save!

  4. Don't give the directors any ideas. They will think it is a great suggestion.


Anonymous said...

And I bet you could find highly qualified Indian physics that are "pre-vetted" by the Indian Nuclear Weapons Establishment ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Just like HCSC in Texas: lay off IT, outsource the work to India, and add millions to top management pay. Must be the norm for a non-profit in the US.

Anonymous said...

Please watch the show.
The foreign workers are not only here in the US but also the workers leaving had to TRAIN THEM if they wanted to collect severance.

Anonymous said...

Found an interesting commentary on India vs China recently (Bloomberg ?). Apparently Indian outsourcing companies are pulling the same crap on Chinese tech workers ! And the Chinese Gov't is worried that their R&D sectors will fall behind as Indian aerospace industries are catching up.


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