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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Washington Post assessment is pretty good...

  1. The Trump’s budget would cut DOE spending overall by $1.7 billion — or 5.6 percent from current levels — to $28 billion. But the money is redistributed. NNSA's budget would grow 11.3 percent while the rest of the DOE’s programs would be cut by 17.9 percent. The president would drop programs such as the Weatherization Assistance Program, which provides grants to states and some Indian tribes to improve energy efficiency for low-income families, and the State Energy Program, which gives grants to states. It would also eliminate altogether the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, which is popular in Congress and spends $300 million on basic research; Title 17 loan guarantees for new low-carbon energy projects; and the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, which has helped such companies as Tesla develop electric cars and Ford develop more-efficient combustion engines and light materials.


  1. Tesla and Ford are private companies. Why are taxpayers subsidizing them? Anyone remember Solyndra?


Anonymous said...

If it hurts the labs than good, if it hurts Trump than good. I will pray to any God, Deity, or Devil if it hurts the labs, if I had a soul I would sell for cheap if it would hurt the labs. Any university is 1000 times better than the labs, all you have to to do is look it up. Also I would add that I am NOT BITTER, I could care less about the labs.

Anonymous said...

I am ok with all of those cuts.
Most of what Obama did (starting with failing Obamacare) was rammed down our throats.

A Liberal may feel the same way in 4 years, so I wish we did some things by compromise.

Anonymous said...

March 18, 2017 at 4:48 PM

than >>> then

could care less >>> couldn't care less

Your anger and ignorance are making America great again!


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