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Thursday, March 2, 2017

UC Regents sexual harassment news

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How and why is this related or relevant to LLNL?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the question of why does this affect LLNL is valid. After all, UC washed its hands of the employees when we shifted to LLNS. Does UC count Livermore as a campus anymore?

Anonymous said...

"Sex harassment at University of California: Janitors exposed, professors shielded"

"But a haphazard practice of redacting information exposed the names of some low-profile workers while sometimes shielding executives and professors, who investigators found sexually harassed students or coworkers."

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Anonymous said...

This sexy girl poker thing deserves its own thread.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god we've been hacked by the Russians !!! Encouraging poker with Asian women working at UC ! Oh my god !

Anonymous said...

"Sex harassment at University of California: Janitors exposed, professors shielded"

Poor Janitor ! Can't even have that exciting calendar hidden in his/her broom closet. How else can he/she keep interest in his/her job.

Unfortunately, us "professionals" had to give these up 30 yrs ago. I still remember the "gay" guy with his "working mans" calendar. It was great ! Nobody said anything since he was a great friend to the group.


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