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Thursday, February 22, 2018

LANL scientist pockets money

"Investigators: Top LANL scientist made up work trips to pocket the money"


Anonymous said...

As Charlie said: follow the money!!! This guy was just following the money the way LANS does. LANS thinks LANL is a scam for free money, the town of Los Alamos thinks LANL is a scam for free money, and New Mexico thinks LANL is a scam for free money. Maybe some of the LANL workers are starting to get the same idea. Why blame this guy he is just doing what everyone around him is doing.

Ca, ching baby, some do it well and others as we have seen..not so well. Don't hate the player hate the game as they say, but come on you got to play the game better than this. As many a high lever manger have actually said about LANL " there is gold in them hills if you play it right but you have to play it right. " We are all at LANL for one reason and one reason only and that it is to make money but you have to be smart about it. If you are at LANL for some other reason you do not belong at LANL.

LANS is coming to an end, could this be the end of an era of profit or the beginning of of a whole new era super profits? If we have learned one thing from the last 12 years it is that you can profit from a decline, so ask yourself this, how far can it fall? Things could become very lucrative at LANL for the those that see an opportunity on how fly something to to ground.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
C.R.E.A.M. get it

Anonymous said...

Well this will reinforce and bring out the cowboy scientist crowd. Get ready for another "outsiders must come in and clean up LANL" push.


Anonymous said...

If, as the article indicates, Monty is not charged with a crime, why is this news at all? It seems like a smear campaign to me.

Anonymous said...

February 22, 2018 at 7:17 PM distinguishes and outs himself again as the reh rah Bechtel guy. Mr. "Profit," although no such thing occurs at LANL or LLNL. He gives himself away with his use of "baby" at least once in every post. Quite creepy, probably psychotic. At least he has stopped "Bechtel Baby!!" Finally recognizing Bechtel is toast at LANL.

Anonymous said...

Finally recognizing Bechtel is toast at LANL.

Never count Bechtel out...NEVER, don't be surprised if they are part of a winning contract. Bechtel baby!

Do you think calling someone a psychotic is an insult? You my friend do not understand the nature of a corporation.

Corporations are psychotic.

If corporations are indeed "persons," their mental condition can accurately be described as pathological. Corporations have no innate moral impulses, and in fact they exist solely for the purpose of making money. As such, these "persons" are systemically driven to do whatever is necessary to increase revenues and profits, with no regard for ethical issues that might nag real people.

But, you say, corporations are owned and managed by real people, so surely immoral corporate actions might be inhibited by them? Well, not really. First of all, the officers and directors who run corporations are actually duty-bound to act in the corporation's best financial interest, and that means they are obliged to do whatever they can within the law to make money. Thus, this fiduciary duty requires corporate management to set aside ethical niceties when they get in the way of corporate profits.
Callous disregard for the feelings of others. Check.

Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make a profit, to put their economic and profit interests first above all else. Clearly, civilization and democracies are not built on the premise that money takes precedent over all else.
In the movie “The Corporation” they use the personality diagnostic checklist DSM-IV to test corporations for pathological symptoms:

Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships. Check.

Reckless disregard for the safety of others. Check.

Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conniving others for profit. Check.

Incapacity to experience guilt. Check.

Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors. Check.

Anonymous said...

So you love Bechtel but hate corporations? Can you say "cognitive dissonance"?

Anonymous said...

February 25, 2018 at 5:53 PM

Love or hate for Bechtel is irrelevant, the for profit model has merely opened up lucrative opportunities for some people and they took advantage of it. They would like to keep this going of something like this going. Can you blame them?

Anonymous said...

Can I blame the for "they would like to keep this going of something like this going"??

Yes, for being illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for being illiterate.

February 26, 2018 at 5:38 PM

Yes that invalidates the whole point.

Anonymous said...

This is a good example of the scientists at LANL considering themselves to be above thr rules. At least several ULM had to sign off on all the bogus trips, and they should be complicit in the fraud as well.

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