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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Unpaid invoice

Not sure if this is the right place but I am posting this out of desperation
with the Accounts Payable department at LLNL. 
I am a small contractor who performed work for the lab earlier this year and am still waiting to be paid. The date on the invoice is 05-29-18. To be brief, my email account was hacked and fraud was committed against me. The hacker signed a EFT form in my name and had the invoice payment deposited to his bank account. I have since been fighting with AP at LLN to be paid. It is my hope that this post will find its way to the right person who can resolve this issue, as I would be happy to send them all the documentation I have.

Tony Tonon
Tonon Electrical & Controls Inc
San Francisco Bay Area
land 650-873-4962 cell 650-224-1269
A GE-Zenith Authorized Service Station Since 1988
Working With Zenith Controls Since 1977
The Transfer Switch People


Anonymous said...

This is not the right place. Call the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Have you just tried calling up the Lab operator and asking for Accounts Payable? The Lab may not be the proper place to follow up on this, though. If they argue that they followed all of the proper rules for making payments, they may say that it's not their problem. From their perspective, they already paid and are out of some money, so unless you can show that they did something improperly they're not going to be willing to make a second payment for the same invoice.


Anonymous said...

since this post is already out there, maybe provide a PO number; someone might look into it behind the scenes.

Anthony Tonon said...

Just for the record, I was finally paid by check in certified mail after they
uncovered my work history at the lab in the past 45 yrs.
Thanks to all for your comments.
Anthony Tonon

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