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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Bechtel bid was not competitive

So I guess enough time has passed but people are talking a bit about the LANL bid. One thing I heard it was not as close as people thought. This would go along with the rumor that way back in Feb that UC had essentially won may have been right. The other is that Bechtel was not thrilled about bidding but a cadre of LANL people pushed them to put in a bid, what is surprising is that these where not former Bechtel people at all but some long term "older" LANL crew, pre LANS people. It is not hard to figure out who these people are since there seems to be a slow burn of these people out of management if you know what I mean. Also think of the most sleazy, cut throat or dumb and it is exactly who you would guess, not to mention that all of their names have been
brought up numerous times on this blog. The Bechtel bid was seen as simply not competitive. Not sure about the Texas people but they seem to be seen in a better light.


Anonymous said...

Full of unnamed names and lots of claims. If the poster really knew anything, then they would know the names of the leaders and just how close the decision was.

Anonymous said...

The poster knows nothing, and is indulging his whim which is always to stir the pot with hearsay (or claimed hearsay) and "people are talking" with no detail or substance. Just a know-nothing who wants his fantasies to be true so he floats them on this blog to see if anything sticks. No one should pay attention to him - he is a nothing.

Anonymous said...

The names are out there if you care to look. If you recall very early on some people said UC had won which sort goes along with Bechtel not being very competitive not to mention that the endless rumors from DOE people that they had enough of Bechtel. In any case you are right that it is just talk so who knows but again I just heard that once the final proposals had been put in that it was fairly clear that the Bechtel one was out.

Anonymous said...

It is just talk. In any case whatever did happen does not matter. Triad won, UC Battelle and Texas AM are running the lab, it is non-profit, and the fees are less. We know the managers so I guess that all there is to it

" No one should pay attention to him - he is a nothing."

So why did you pay attention to the poster?

Anonymous said...

The poster is the same guy who has put forward false rumors many times. It's easy to tell as he's the only person who blogs here that didn't get promoted from the third grade.

Anonymous said...

Bechtel never had a chance, why would did they even bother to put in a bid?

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