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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Final Countdown

Happy New Year.

In 11 days LLNS will be handing out those pesky pink slips to the selected few. The major issue here is that many more FTE's are going to be gone before all of the term employees do. Once the slips are handed out I hear the selected few will be given a few days to depart and not escorted out the gate by armed guards. So yes, as of today it's the final countdown for many. May 2008 be better than 2007 for all.

When all is done I hope that everyone of you who got axed come back and leave your departing words. All comments will be reviewed, so please find a way to tell it like it is or should I say voice your opinion for the world to read and for the newspaper editors to print. It should be interesting.

How about a poll for RIF'd people ?

Lets not let LLNS get away with more lie and false promises. Lets try something new. Below are some questions. For anyone who wants to voice their opinions about being RIF'd please start your post with these questions, answer the questions and then, write on.

Simply copy and paste these questions and put them at the begining of your post. Answering all of them would be ideal but you only need to answer what you want.

- Directorate ?
- Age?
- Expertise?
- How long with lab?
- Gender?
- Employement Status? i.e
- Term, Contract, FTE


Anonymous said...

Eleven days? Try seven. I hear it will start on Monday, January 7, with the first of the flex terms notified. It will probably take the entire week, so it should be done by January 11.

Anonymous said...

The Flex layoffs will be happening on the 7th and 8th. There will be a "checkout center" so anyone notified on a particular day will be gone within hours, not days. Supplemental layoffs will occur on the 16th. The ratio is about 25% Flex to 75% SL with about 400 people total.

Anonymous said...

I was laid off today. Actually, according to my separation letter, my appointment end-date (which would have been in October, 2008) is being changed to Jan 7, 2008.

I will give more details later (I only received 30 days of pay in lieu of notice, so need to concentrate on finding new employment).

I had been in the NIF directorate, and thought that I was "safe."


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