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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More from the Contra Costa Times!

Read the article and ask LLNS how they plan on achieving what is described in the paragraph before last:



Anonymous said...


The part about recruiting and retaining the best was choice.

Anonymous said...

But there is an even bigger challenge ahead. Even in these times of cuts and instability, Miller said, the lab must continue to maintain and recruit the brightest talent to ensure a top-quality workforce. Not going to happen.

The lab has been an attractive place to work in the past. New hires could be lured with promises of working on critical programs with leading-edge technical resources. And the lab was known for providing job security and excellent benefits. Well that sure as heck is gone and its going to stay gone. Again, why would anyone want to work here. There's nothing left and it's only going to get worse.

It is good to see the lab moving forward with plans to fund raises for its workers and make employee benefits more competitive with those available elsewhere in the Bay Area. There goes your 401k matching funds TCP-2 and with the stock market the way it is, TCP-1 should follow very shortly

The lab is too critical to the nation and the East Bay's economy to allow it to slip into intellectual mediocrity. Maybe, but IMHO if it closed it's gates tomorrow no one would know the difference and some would even be handed bonus checks.

Anonymous said...

Pres - Good Lord! The Iranians have restarted their weapons programs and them Ruskies are targeting Europe again. Get the folks at Livermore on the horn, I need some facts fast.

Sec DOE - Sorry sir, they're gone.

Pres - What do you mean - gone?

Sec DOE - We let them go. Fired the whole lot.

Pres - ...

Sec DOE - On the good side, we saved a bundle on our car insurance!

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