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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Follow the money!

Anonymously contributed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the money! What nuclear weapons contractors donate the most to which members of congress?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint the sad sacks out there, but Bechtel just makes the list and is a long way from the top.

Anonymous said...

Does explain Feinsteins "waivering position" on the Lab versus her former "gut the Lab" position. Follow the money Diane follow the money.......

Anonymous said...

The big bucks and "behind closed doors" real deals being done don't ever make it onto these unimportant, two-bit campaign contribution sheets.

The American political system and our Congress is more corrupt than it has ever been before. Yes, indeed, please follow the money. But you'll probably need competent media and good investigators to do it.

Anonymous said...

What was it that Charlie McMillan implored the remaining LANL staff to do at his last All-Hands meeting?

Oh, yeah. Now I remember: "Follow the money!".

It's what he and his upper management team have certainly done when it comes to their big salaries and perks!

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