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Monday, July 9, 2012

LLNL superblock: what is going on?

Anonymously contributed: ................................................................................... I am curious as to the what will be happening with the Superblock at LLNL. We've been shipping out material and NNSA and Livermore are proudly announcing they are far ahead of schedule on this exportation. Yet now we hear that with the demise of CMRR, LANL will be pushing some plutonium work to LLNL. Is Livermore doing an out with the old / in with the new? And what of the staffing reduction in security with the expectation of not having material to protect. Is it a matter of NNSA's left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

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Anonymous said...

LLNL's Superblock should do very well with the decision of LANS (LANL) top management to kill of further support of CMRR. Another huge LANL loss which will be LLNL's gain. How surprising.

It follows the same path as the stockpile work that LANS upper management so eager tossed out of Los Alamos into Livermore's lap.

Is it any wonder there are huge budget problems at LANL and that the Los Alamos lab suddenly reduced their staffing levels by 12% this spring.... with more staffing cuts likely to come? Neither McMillan nor Knapp (both LLNL alumni) plan on staying around at LANL after their lab destroying work is complete. They'll both high-tail it back to Livermore just like Anastasio did once he finished racking in the big bucks at LANL. Carpet-baggers!


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