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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working at LLNL: opinions


Anonymous said...

Here is a comment I have NOT heard in the last five years at LLNL - "She or he shows up every day and gets the job done plus more, and gets along with others. He or she got a raise/promotion and deserved it." Here is a comment I have heard about a couple hundred times in the last five years at LLNL - "She or he is a lazy incompetent and/or psycho that does not get along with others and got a raise/promotion. The LLNS HR system is worse than what we had under UC." It is common knowledge among the staff who at LLNL are the workers doing their job (and the work of others!) and who are also decent people. Why can't senior management see this? Why are they so clueless? When are they going to reward the people who do the work?

Anonymous said...



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