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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

unemployment for ssvsp ers

It's been over a month since the majority of SSVSP folks departed. Has anyone been able to draw unemployment? Any other issues arise?


Anonymous said...

The word is none of them will get unemployment if they didn't lie on their application. They left on their won for the $$'s and therefore are disqualified. They can appeal it but will lose.

Anonymous said...

Feels great to finally be free of that bureaucratic cesspool of mismanagement. Could care less about getting any unemployment payments. My sanity and health is worth far more to me than the few extra bucks I could make by continuing to put up with the stupefying policies, sense of hopelessness and the soul-sucking low morale that was infecting most areas of the lab.

Free, free, I'm free at last! However, I do feel sorry for those left behind who plan on holding out for a few more years. It's only going to get worse for most of them, I fear.

Anonymous said...

What is left behind can be summed up as "pandemic apathy"

Anonymous said...

Count yourself lucky that you are able to take that SSVSP offer! Many people would like to do it but financially cannot afford to take it. The people who left behind some feel lucky because they get bigger title and assume more work to enhance their prestige at the workplace. Some fall into office politics and being subjected to the immediate supervisor who can play favor and hire younger people to take over the older's people work!

They are getting away with murder because those left behind are fearful for losing their own jobs and afraid to speak up!

Remember HR changed the policy regarding lay off from the beginning of this year? Each Directorate can lay off people up to 50 for lack of funding and LLNL does not have to file the WARN Act. Thus your job is subject to your immediate supervisor! If he likes you, you are safe! If he doesn't be on the watch out! And maybe time to consult an attorney!.


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