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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

lab iron curtain

While RIFS seem to have gone silent for some time a new creation called
'Transitional Labor' (at least new to me) appears to have provided a surrogate vehicle for LANL to reduce the workforce on a case by case basis. No one notices very much because the unlucky individuals are put on this program in single digit numbers. More likely to not arouse the suspicions of the herd. The beauty of this plan is that it appears not to require official Washington channels that would be required for a full RIF but still allows Becktel to reduce head count without the unsightly publicity in the local media. I'm not complaining about the undefined time period your are given to find employment (before termination) outside the group that has just thrown you overboard. It's just that there are no Lab Policies that define exactly how Transitional Labor is to be practiced. No rules, no limits, no boundaries. Upon questioning our local HR rep, the
only response given was that TL is regulated on a 'Very High Level. So the poor schmuck that finds him/herself in this pickle has no recourse or guidelines with which to navigate. The only absolute is that under TL you may be terminated at any time. There is also a requirement on the one page TL handout that the employee 'aggressively pursue' a new department that is willing to take you on before management decides they've had enough and flushes you down the toilet. TL suggests that you network across the Laboratory to find your prospective new job.
Really! I've find it slightly amusing just trying to accomplish normal day to day work without security boundaries impeding my every move. We all live in isolated environments as Lab employees. How we are supposed to do social networking behind a social iron curtain?


Anonymous said...

It seems like LANL must have something similar to this. I know of three scientific staff members that have been recently terminated. I would add to that there also seems to be a number of people who have opted to retire before it getting to this stage. I have no exact details but when you ask managers about this you get a cryptic line like the lab has changed. Does anyone know any details about what is going on?

Anonymous said...

It's common. Keep your bags packed.

Anonymous said...

It may have taken fifty years but it is here. Welcome to the real world now STFU.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, if you can't figure out how to get another job, you are "dead" wood?

Anonymous said...

OP: How we are supposed to do social networking behind a social iron curtain?


Is there anything keeping you from visiting colleagues in other divisions and groups to discuss potential openings or needs for your skills? Those discussions need not involve classified information. If you can't get work done because of security, and see your environment as an "iron curtain" perhaps you are just unsuited to national security work. It is highly unusual for someone's professional skills to be completely unique to such highly classified work that the skills cannot even be discussed. I suspect you are (perhaps understandably) feeling somewhat adrift. Get your act, and your resume, together and get out on the beat. No one will do it for you.

Anonymous said...

"dead wood", try the triangular, blue pill.


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