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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dependents verification

  1. LLNS is demanding that you prove your dependents are eligible for health care coverage to "comply with requirements and manage health care costs." And it's not so simple to comply with the document demands, especially if you were married a long time ago.
  2. comment:

    Seems like LLNS wants to save money by removing ineligible dependents (fair enough), but saving more money by making it difficult/impossible to prove real dependents are eligible (like demanding a copy of a government-issued marriage certificate from 40 years ago, after LLNL recognized the marriage all throughout 30+ years of employment.)


Anonymous said...

Better this than laying off people or losing your coverage all together.

Anonymous said...

Not being with the Lab anymore, I can't speak for the recent past. However, in my multidecadal career under both UC and LLNS, I had to verify dependents several times.

Have had to do it with my new employer too.

No one is out to get you -- unless you are committing fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is common and not unique to the lab at all.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that just because someone has a Q clearance it doesn't mean that they are honest.

Having trouble finding that marriage certificate after decades of wedded bliss? Well, when you retire, you are required to prove that you are married to set up the retirement. It never ends. Handle it.

Anonymous said...

Can I list obamacare recipients as my dependents?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the same for food stamps, medicare, medicaid, federal student loans, and social security. Filed your taxes yet? Hop to it!

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