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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another article on NNSA

REPORT: "U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Has 'Failed,' Says Advisory Panel"

Relax. Nothing is going to change. 

This is just one report like all the others detailing the failure of the NNSA and the decline of the highly demoralized weapon labs. The path forward will continue as planned. 

The TA-55 plutonium "Work Free Safety Zone" at LANL will continue. No startup anytime soon. LLNL and LANL will face further cuts in their work. The nation will not be building any new warheads and work on the previous warheads will slow down to a crawl. Bechtel profiteers and their enablers in management will continue to have free reign at the weapon labs.

Parney is right with his recent comments. The weapon research staff have become little more than 'Maytag' repairmen, sitting around with little to do. Keep wearing those shoes that GRIP and taking those endless rounds of online training. What else is there left to do? Last one to leave should remember to turn out the lights and lock the front gates.


Anonymous said...

What Happens When "The Workers" Just Don't Care Anymore?

One of the big problems in America today is that a lot of people simply do not seem to care about what they are doing anymore.

Anonymous said...

they'd EbenI too used to care about LLNL until Bechtel/URS/B&W/etc. showed up here. I used to work a minimum of 60 hours per week, but no more. I have been waiting for 7 years to see the lab get better as a result of all this BRILLIANT new management brought to us by LLNS. I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing it.

There is simply NO WAY someone from the "outside" can show up in a plum management assignment and begin to tell the incumbents what we ought to be doing. No way they could make better decisions that the people who have been here 25-30 years! I'm just not seeing it.

This whole LLNS contract is nothing but pure politics! Bechtel, B&W, URS, etc. had their lobbyists lean on congress until they forced the DOE to re-bid the UC contracts. Now they have another vehicle to give their (Bechtel, URS, etc.) employees work when things aren't doing do so well out in the Real World.

All the new LLNS managers seem to care about is getting another year and maximizing their fee with the DOE. All we talk about is SSOs (or PEPs) and what we need to do to get an "Exceeds Expectations".

I am ashamed to admit it, but I cannot wait to retire in 2+ years, and I know a heck of a lot of original LLNL employees who feel exactly the same way I do!

Anonymous said...

I know a heck of a lot of original LLNL employees who feel exactly the same way I do!

March 31, 2014 at 4:29 PM

You were never "LLNL employees," you were UC employees. Now you are not "LLNL employees," but LLNS employees. Try to get somewhere close to reality.

Anonymous said...

You were never "LLNL employees," you were UC employees. Now you are not "LLNL employees," but LLNS employees. Try to get somewhere close to reality.

Gee, that is a real great contribution. How about talking about the points the poster brought up?
You must be from the Bechtel, B&W, URS,crowd. Go back to your spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations and keep on feeling important.

Anonymous said...

It's about an antiquated mindset that is at least part of the cause for so much employee discontent. They never really understood the nature of the transition, or of the contracting process in general, to their ultimate detriment. UC encouraged them to think of themselves as "LLNL employees" as opposed to "UC employees" so that they wouldn't be so insistent on the same benefits (formal and informal) that faculty got.

Anonymous said...

I think employees are not content because the work environment is horrible for most, not because they don't understand who issues their paychecks and W2 forms. Yes, everyone has the option of leaving, but that doesn't change the reality that the work environment is horrible for most - including for anyone who comes to the lab later.

Anonymous said...

To the big thinkers on this post, explain to me how less than 50 corproate types you all blame for everything from global warming to federal budget deficits can bring all the grief that you all say besets the 6500+ "employees" of the lab? Maybe, just maybe, its the attitude you bring to the job everyday that really matters for our collective future to have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Complaining on this blog about the "horrible" environment doesn't seem to be making it get better.

If it's that bad for you, you have a duty to yourself, your family, and me to find a different job.

Anonymous said...

Finding a different job would require giving up comfortable victimhood, the ability to whine, and most of all, the justification to sit and do nothing. Nah, too difficult.

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