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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NNSA Gives Russia Free Military Equipment

NNSA Gives Russia Free Military Equipment

Stories like this don't help to explain NNSA to Congress.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly an unbiased reporting source. This is training gear used by NNSA and its contractors to engage in "force-on-force" tactical exercises to assess security at CAT 1 nuclear facilities under DOE/NNSA control. It has been in use for many years, is not "new technology," and is of no use on the actual battlefield. It simulates results of attack and defense scenarios, specifying which "attackers" and "defenders" are successful or eliminated, by laser "gunshots" tracked and recorded by gear worn by the participants in the scenario.

This type of sharing cooperation with Russia has been in effect for many years, for reasons of helping to secure nuclear materials, and the fact that reconsideration based on recent events has not occurred yet is not a "scandal" or "criminal," it is just another excuse for congresspeople with nothing better to do but blather to the media.

Sara DAr said...

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Anonymous said...

The topic:

NNSA Gives Russia Free Military Equipment

Who posted about software development and why (especially under this topic)?!

Anonymous said...

Phishing scam, obviously. Although I am not stupid enough to click on any links.

Anonymous said...

Congress is busy looking the other way instead of investigating how a Los Alamos guard managed to loose his gun while on duty. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Congress doesn't "investigate" things, it just holds political hearings. This MILES gear transfer is a non-issue (unless you are against Russia securing its SNM).

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