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Saturday, March 22, 2014

director search

  1. Mim John is giving a talk April 7 at LLNL. Is she on the short list of Director candidates?
  2. UC President Napolitano will be holding an All hands at LLNL next Tuesday. Maybe she will be address the Lab Director search.
  3. Corrected:

    UC President Napolitano will be holding an All hands at LLNL next Tuesday. Maybe she will address or be asked about the Lab Director search.


Anonymous said...

The director search may be commented upon on Tuesday, but it has already been announced that no announcement will be made.

Anonymous said...

But I bet heavily she will be the next director

Anonymous said...

If she were a candidate, she wouldn't have been a part of the selection process or the interviews. Even UC is not that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear Security & Deterrence Monitor -- SPECIAL BULLETIN (3-27-2014)


Longtime Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory official Bill Goldstein will be named the lab’s next director later today, NS&D Monitor has learned. Goldstein, the lab’s Deputy Director for Science and Technology, takes over the top spot at the lab from Bret Knapp, who has led the institution in an acting capacity since Parney Albright abruptly announced his resignation in late October. Goldstein has headed up the lab’s Science and Technology Directorate since 2012. A theoretical physicist, he has worked at the lab for 29 years, playing a large role in the Stockpile Stewardship Program and research activities at the National Ignition Facility. For more information, see tomorrow’s edition of Nuclear Security and Deterrence Monitor.

Anonymous said...

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