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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Busines as usual at LANL: more thefts by employes

"The incident started as a theft, but quickly turned into a full-on HAZMAT situation last month.

According to a search warrant, on September 29, a witness saw a man in a brown shirt throwing things out of the trunk of a Honda Accord into bushes on LANL grounds. The man was tossing the things across the way from TA-54, where items have been reported missing over the past year.

Los Alamos Police came out to the scene of the dump and found a laundry list of stuff. One of the items, a band saw, had “TA-54” on it, meaning it was likely contaminated. Turns out, it was, along with a pair of gloves and a bag."

"The search warrant also revealed a disturbing fact, that there have been 76 reported cases of theft of LANL property by LANL employees in the last year."


Anonymous said...

Hey just following the money! LANS is metaphorically stealing way more than 1000$ worth of tools so whats the big? And hey if they can get away with it why can't everyone else. They set the culture and this is what you are going to get.

Anonymous said...

Can ee get tge thieves to steal the WIPP containers. Kill 2 birds with one stoner...

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