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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Question for LLNS

I retired from LLNL during the transition to LLNS. I was unable to attend one of their retiree open enrollment presentations since I no longer live in California. All LLNL retirees, not enrolled with Kaiser Permanente, have had to confront ever increasing medical costs managed by the Empyrean-Lawrence Livermore Customer Care Center; so this week I called them to request a ruling on the following:

1. Medical plan cost for me, wife, and grandson = $1,584.00 per month (for 2016). 
2. I am a decorated Vietnam-era veteran eligible for VA Medical.
3. I would like to use my VA Benefits to reduce my retiree medical plan costs; keeping only my wife and grandson in the LLNS medical benefit plan and hoping to significantly reduce my monthly retiree medical plan cost.
4. LLNS/Empyrean stated that this was not possible under the present rules associated with the LLNS medical retiree plan.
5. LLNS/Empyrean will not allow me an opportunity to reduce my retiree medical benefit cost.

My question is why would this option be a problem for LLNS? 


Anonymous said...

Because it's not our policy.

Anonymous said...

Or put more specifically, no bureaucracy makes exceptions to policy for one random individual. Better get used to it. When you sign up for Medicare, your spouse and children won't be covered there either.

Anonymous said...

I think you are off by a factor of 10X. It's more like $168/month. Before we transitioned to Medicare the costs with Kaiser were very reasonable for a retiree, spouse or husband and one dependent.


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